YES BANK Savings Account

Founded in 2004 YES Bank has grown so fast that it has taken 5th position in largest private sector banks in India in such a short span of time. Along with the traditional banking, the bank has done a great job in building a strong and healthy platform for internet and mobile banking taking into account the needs of present generation. The bank offers a wide range of products to different type of customers depending upon individual needs. The products of the banks are so customizable that individual needs are really very well catered of.

Types of YES Bank savings account:


  • Savings Exclusive: Customers get high returns on available balance in the account with doorstep services. Debit card can also be accessed any number of times in ATMs all over the country.
  • Savings Advantage: This account comes with a higher interest rate of 6% on available balance which is tax free up to a maximum of 10000. Along with this, a free silver debit card and free demand draft issuance are important features.
  • Savings Value: The main feature of this account is lower minimum balance requirements unlike other accounts.
  • Savings Select: This account comes with a feature of higher returns of 6% along with other features like free silver debit card with unlimited withdrawals and sweep in facility.


  • Smart Salary Platinum: With this account one can enjoy International Platinum debit card and zero minimum balance requirements.
  • Smart Salary Exclusive: With this account, zero minimum balance requirements come with a high-end feature of 6% interest rate. A Gold debit card is offered with this account.
  • Smart Salary Advantage: Along with zero minimum balance requirements and high interest rate, this account offers a Silver debit card with this account.


  • Customizable Savings Account: This type of account can be customized as per the individual needs of the customers where they can choose suitable debit card, pricing option and complementary introductory offers. The account can be modified/ customized to meet individual expectations and preferences. The customers can also delete various chargeable account features which they don't wish to access/ use.
  • Create your own Savings Account: Under this, customers can create their own account online in order to enjoy required features. These features may include quarterly interest payouts, unlimited ATM usage, taxation benefits, digital banking, etc.

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