Voter ID Status

Voter ID status is checked to know the current update on the applicant’s Voter Card application/correction. You can check your Voter Card application status online on the CEO website, through an SMS, or call to the helpline number. A Voter ID card is a crucial legal document. It provides you the right to cast your vote during elections in India. Once you reach the age 18, you can apply for this document. This document also acts as your identity proof and address proof. You can apply for Voter ID online or visit the Electoral Office in your vicinity to complete the application procedure.

In the below-post, we will take you through steps to check your Voter ID status (online, SMS, helpline number), details about Election Card Application and EPIC number, CEO Websites as per state, check Voter ID correction status, and FAQs.

Why Should You Check Your Voter Card Status?

Elections in India are conducted every 5 years. As a responsible citizen, it is your duty to elect a suitable leader and show your support through exercising your power to vote. The voters’ list is checked and maintained by the Election Commission of India. Your Voter ID Card proves your eligibility as a voter. The Government of India authorizes this identity card as an identity proof. You need to produce this document at the time of casting the vote at the polling station.

  • It can several weeks for your Election Card to arrive after the application process.
  • In the duration, you can track Voter ID status online to know if this identification proof is under process, in transit, or cancelled.
  • Upon knowing the status, you can decide to wait for this document, reapply, or take any other decision for your Election Card.

Here are the ways you can track your Voter ID status:

  • Visit the NVSP portal (National Voters Service Portal), which is also known as voter portal. Use your reference ID at the time of Election Card registration. Also, use the Form number.
  • Send an SMS to respective Electoral Officer.
  • Call a helpline dedicated for your state or from your BSNL/MTNL phone number.

How to Know Your Voter ID Application Status?

After you successfully complete the Voter Card application procedure, you may encounter two situations. Firstly, you may receive the Voter ID Card in about a month or two. In this duration, the verification team may visit you at your mentioned residence. If both these things do not happen in 2 months time from the application process, then you must get in touch with the ERO, Zonal Officer, Local Tahsildar, or the polling station in your locality.

In case none of these respond to your concern, then visit the official CEO (Chief Electoral Officer) website to get details about your problem. You have to always keep your Voter ID application number with you for any queries related to your Voter ID.

What is a Voter Card Application Number?

If you want to track your Voter ID status, then you will need your Election Card application number. You may register for this document offline or online. At both instances, you will receive an application number from ECI (Election Commission of India). The application number is around 11 digits.

What is an Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC) Status Number?

When you enrol for the Voter Card, you receive an EPIC number. This number is unique and every person who applies for this identity proof receives the EPIC number.

Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Official Websites of States and UTs

Each Indian state and Union Territory (UT) has an election commission or electoral office of its own. Thus, every state has its own CEO website. CEO or Chief Electoral Office is appointed by the ECI. The CEO supervises election activities of his/her designated State or Union Territory. He/she also manages matters related to assembly and parliamentary elections for that particular UT or State.

The CEOs across India work under the supervision of ECI. You need find the CEO website for your state/UT to fetch information on your Voter Card application. Here is a list of respective CEO Websites for online tracking of Voter ID Card status:

How to Check Voter Card Enrolment Status Online?

Below-mentioned are steps to check your enrolment application status for Voter ID online:

  • To know the enrolment application status, you need to visit the respective state’s CEO (Chief Electoral Officer) website.
  • Click the link ‘Know Application Status for Enrolment’.
  • Now, enter the required details as prompted to know the Voter ID enrolment status.

How to Track Your Voter ID Status?

Once upon a time, the only way to track Voter ID status was by physically visiting the election office. Upon submitting a few details, the official would have provided you the Voter ID registration status – application in transit, in process, or cancelled. But the GOI (Government of India) has eased this procedure by allowing online tracking of Election Card Status.

You can track Election Card status in following ways:

  • Track online through official website of the ECI (Election Commission of India).
  • Track using SMS facility from your registered mobile number,
  • Track through a helpline phone number.

How to Check Voter ID Card Status Online?

A website is dedicated for all the services related to Voter ID information. The online tracking of Voter ID can be done on the website of respective state’s Election Commission. Thus, you need to firstly find the electoral CEO official website for your residential state. On this website, you have to provide required details related to your Voter Card application to get relevant results. The details you enter on the website must match with the information during the application procedure. In case of an error or mismatch of details, you will not get to track the status of the document.

Here are the steps to check your Voter ID status online:

  • Login to the official website of the electoral CEO
  • Go to the tab – Know the Status of Your Application for Enrolment.
  • Click the above link for a window to open, where you have to enter a few details, such as the Form number.
  • To know your Voter Card status online, you need to correctly fill in the details such as your name, gender, date of birth, father’s or husband’s name, district constituency, and state name.
  • Select the National Voters service portal, and click ‘Search Your Name in Electoral Roll’.
  • The link will open, and you will be able to track the Voter Card application in two ways:
  1. Use Your EPIC number or Application number: On the website, enter your unique EPIC number and the state number. After doing so, the results fetched will include your name and EPIC card number.
  2. District Constituency or State wise search: On the website, enter your name and district constituency you belong to or the state you reside in, along with other information. After doing so, you will be able to know your Voter ID status.

At times, the Voter portal website may encounter issues and crash or prompt an error message. In such a case, you can re-enter the details and then recheck the status.

  • Click the Search button after entering all the details.
  • After this, you will be able to see your Voter ID in a pop-up window.
  • As the result will appear in a pop-up window, you must enable to browser to not block the pop-ups.
  • Post the Voter ID Card application verification; you can also view your Voter Card Number and the e-Seva centre number.
  • With any of these numbers, you can get your New/Updated Voter ID Card from the particular e-Seva centre.
  • On the website, you can also post your doubt and wait for the technical team to respond to this query.

How to Check Voter ID Correction Status?

After you submit the Form 8 either offline or online, you receive a reference number. You need to use the reference number to check the Voter ID correction status. Here are the steps to it:

  • Visit the NVSP portal. The National Voter Porter provides several services related Voter ID along with that to check the correction status.
  • Enter the reference number that you received after submission of Form 8. Make sure the reference number you enter is accurate and that you have not used incorrect or missed out any number or letter.
  • To see the result, click ‘Track Status’. Depending on the application progress for your Voter ID, the page will display a particular status result.
  • In case the application is in pending status and not processed, you can visit the page later. For this, you may bookmark the particular page.
  • If you wish to track the Voter ID correction status from your MTNL or BSNL phone number, then dial 1950 and follow prompted the steps.

Follow the above-given steps to check Voter Card correction status of your Form 8 application. It can take about 2 to 3 weeks for the correction to reflect on the document. You need to submit necessary documents in case of offline submission to process the request for Voter card correction. Carry the physical and scanned documents for the needful during offline submission.

How to Check Voter ID Status through SMS?

After Voter Card application, you can check its status through sending an SMS or calling the official helpline number. Below-mentioned are the steps to check the Voter ID status through SMS:

  • Keep your Voter ID application number ready with you.
  • Now in the SMS, type ‘EPIC’ and provide a space. After the space, enter your Voter ID application number.
  • Send this SMS to the Electoral Officer. After sending the SMS, you will find your Election Card status.
  • An illustration of the SMS for people in Tamil Nadu is: EPIC (11 digit application number), and then send it to 9211728082.

Here is a list of mobile phone number for particular cities. You need to send the SMS in given format to the following numbers in order to check Election Card status.

NOTE: You can only track the Voter ID application status through the below-given number for only the correction/issue of your duplicate Election Card. The SMS facility for tracking the status is not available for new Voter ID applications.

State SMS Format Mobile Number to Send the SMS
Karnataka KAEPIC< space >voter ID number 9243355223
Andhra Pradesh VOTE< space >voter ID number 9246280027
Kerala ELE< space >voter ID number 54242/537252
Tamil Nadu EPIC< space >Voter ID number 9211728082
Chandigarh BTH< space >voter ID number 9216164606
Bihar ELE< space >voter ID number 56677
Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh 92123571237
West Bengal WBEC< space >voter ID number 51969
Odisha CEOODI< space >voter ID number 9238300131
  • You can also find the status online or calling up the helpline number of the ECI (Election Commission of India).
  • You can also contact the customer care number specific to each state.
  • ECO offers a toll-free helpline number 1950 for Voter ID enquiries.

How to Check Election Card Status by Name?

You can check your Voter ID status by name. For this, login to the Election Commission website and provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your father’s name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Name of the district
  • Name of the state

How to Search Your Voter Card Status by EPIC Number?

If you want to find that your name is included in the constituency’s electoral roll, then access the NVSP website for Election Card search. You have to follow the below-given steps:

  • On the NVSP website, under ‘National Services’, click ‘Search Your Name in Electoral Roll’
  • You will be sent to
  • To search Election Card status with your EPIC number, click on the second tab.
  • Now provide the details as asked such as your name, state, date of birth/age, gender, district, father’s or husband’s name, assembly constituency, etc.
  • Enter the captcha or code as well.
  • It is possible to even locate the area you are in with the help of map provided on the search page.

With the help of entered details, you can also do the following:

  • Apply for change of address in your Election Card.
  • Find the nearest polling centre.
  • Find your ERO (Electoral Roll Officer) and BLO (Booth Level Officer).
  • Print or download the Voter information slip.
  • Find officials in Chief Election Office and District Election Office.

You can send an SMS to NVSP provided number to perform a National Electoral search. You should refer to the NVSP website for the guidelines regarding your Election Card.

Frequently Asked Questions about Voter ID status

Here are the FAQs about Voter Card status:

You can find your Election Card status through:

  • A visit to Election Commission of India online on their official website dedicated to each state
  • Calling the official helpline number
  • Sending an SMS to respective Electoral Officer

ECI order for revision of names of the existing electorates happens in october or november every year. the updated voters’ list is published in january of the upcoming year. in this duration, you can thus, lodge a complaint and submit a new voter id application through form 6.

You will get a reference ID at the time of Election Card application. In case you want to check the status of your Voter Card, then you have to use the reference ID. For any issues with reference ID or Election Card, contact the concerned CEO or Booth Level Officer (BLO) of your state.

The Election Commission issues EPIC or Electors Photo Identity Card to Indian citizens (except minors). It serves as an identity card containing a unique number. This number is known as the EPIC number. If you have your EPIC number, then you are eligible to cast a vote, irrespective of carrying the original physical copy of the Voter Card or not.

There is a specific four-digit helpline number from your BSNL or MTNL phone number and enquire about the application status in Hindi or English. You can also contact a dedicated helpline number provided specifically for every state.

To check name in electoral roll online, visit the CEO website of your state. Now, click the link ‘Check Your Name in the List of Voters/Voter List’. Enter the prompted details, and then you will know if your name is there or not in the electoral roll.

The main uses of the voter ID card are listed below:

  • It serves as a nationally accepted identity proof
  • It acts as an acknowledgment of one's registration as voter.
  • With certain provisions like (by the way of marking), multiple voting can be prevented in the event of elections.
  • It serves to suit electoral requirements of a population with low literacy rate.
  • It has a huge importance as an identification document for voters with no fixed address. It suits for people who change their address frequently, maybe because of employment prospects

To know your Election Card enrolment status online, visit the respective CEO website of your state. Click ‘Know Application Status for enrolment’ link on the homepage. Now, enter the required details to know the enrolment status.

To find the latest status of your Voter Card ID online, enter details such as your name, date of birth, name of your husband or father, district constituency, your gender, state where you reside, and other information as asked.

The different Forms for Voter Card issues are as follows:

  • Form6: Application for new Voter registration due to shifting AC (Assembly Constituency)
  • Form8: Correction in Voter Card particulars or entries
  • Form7: For deletion or objection in the Election Card
  • Form001: For the replacement of Voter ID/EPIC
  • Form8A: Transposition within assembly
  • Form6A: Overseas voters can register and apply for a Voter’s ID using this Form

To replace your Election Card, fill up Form 001. This form is available both offline and online from the portal of Election Commission.

  • On the NVSP website, click ‘Application for issue Replacement Elector’s Photo Identity Card’
  • Get the Form 001 and fill all the details, including your address. You have to also fill out the mandatory particulars.
  • Click ‘Submit’ to send the application for Voter ID Card replacement, successfully.

It is the ERO (Electoral Registration Office) or the Assistant Electoral Registration Officer of the concerned constituency who has the authority to verify claim applications and objections regarding Voter Cards.

If there is an error in Voter Card particulars mentioned in the electoral roll, then you can get it updated by submitting the Form 8. Fill this form and make corrections of the wrong particular by visiting the NVSP portal.

  • Click the link, ‘Corrections of entries in electoral roll’.
  • Get the Form 8. Choose the state and other information as required.
  • Fill your details and the correct particulars. Make sure to fill the fields marked as mandatory.
  • Enter the captcha code.
  • Click ‘Submit’ to submit the application for correction of Election Card details.

You need to use Form 7 to remove or add names to any other particular in EPIC. To submit this form online, visit the NVSP portal.

  • Click ‘Deletion or Objection in electoral roll’ at the homepage.
  • Enter the details asked. Also provide information that has to be deleted or corrected in the Election Card.
  • Enter the captcha code, click the Send button.
  • Now follow the remaining steps.