Voter Id Status

Online tracking of the voter ID application status is possible through State Election Commission website. Every Indian state has a State Election commission and hence a separate official website, which can be used to track the status of the voter ID online.

To track the voter ID application status, one needs to visit the electoral CEO official website and click on 'know the status of your application for enrolment, which will result in opening up of a new window which asks some basic details of the form, like, form number.

This can also be done through National Voters' Services Portal by clicking on link 'search your name in electoral roll'. After opening up of the link, users have two options:

  1. Enter your application number and state number, and click submit. This will result into opening up of a window including the EPIC card number.
  2. Enter name of applicant, date of birth, gender, state, father's name and district constituency, and submit the details. This will result in knowing the EPIC number.
  3. Reference ID can also be used to track the voter ID application status.

What is the Importance of Application Number for Voter ID card?

In case you have applied for a voter ID card and need to track the voter ID application status then you have to register for voter ID either online or offline, and you will receive an application number from the ECI (Election Commission of India). This application number is important to track the voter ID application online. The application number consists of about 11 digits.

How to Check Voter ID Correction Status?

It takes about 2 to 3 weeks to complete the procedure of correcting a voter ID. You have to submit necessary documents for requesting the voter ID correction. Use the reference number received when you had submitted the Form 8.

Now follow the below mentioned status to check for the correction status of Voter ID:

  • Visit the official website of NVSP (National Voters Services Portal) it has wide range of services related to voter ID.
  • Provide your reference number as received during submission of Form 8.
  • Click ‘Track Status’ to vide the results. According to progress of voter ID application, you will be able to see various types of results on the status.
  • In case the application has not been processed and is in pending status, you can bookmark the page and visit the same later.
  • To track the voter ID application status for correction on phone, you can call on 1950 from your MTNL or BSNL telephone.

Uses of election card

The main uses of the voter ID card are listed below:

  • It serves as a nationally accepted identity proof
  • It acts as an acknowledgment of one's registration as voter.
  • With certain provisions like (by the way of marking), multiple voting can be prevented in the event of elections.
  • It serves to suit electoral requirements of a population with low literacy rate.
  • It has a huge importance as an identification document for voters with no fixed address. It suits for people who change their address frequently, maybe because of the job.

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