Andhra Bank Savings Account

To meet the needs of customers Andhra Bank comes with multiple varieties of savings accounts. Every scheme comes with features like personal services and advantages wherein the account holder gets optimum satisfaction. Customer can open his account in this bank which can be operated from over 2528 branches and customer can also avail this through ATMs.

The Andhra Bank offers their services to residents and non resident Indians, senior citizens and normal customers. The bank s rate of interest on the balance in the account is 4%. The customer who wants to open account can opt to visit either the banks website or the nearest Andhra Bank and open their account by completing all the formalities required by the bank.

If the Customer opts for opening the account online, he needs to upload documents such as passport photos, KYC documents like scanned copy of address proof photo ID. Customer can avail the facility a Unique tracking ID for future reference. The bank also provides a welcome kit as a part of initiation programme.

Andhra Bank offers different types of savings accounts

  • AB Diamond Savings Bank Account: Such account is especially for the corporate sector, state and central govt. Employees whose pay packages are on higher side are provided with array of advantages.
  • AB Kiddy Bank: - This account can be opened for the minors whose age falls between 10 and 18 with a minimum balance of Rs.100 which can be deposited from any branch.
  • AB Platinum Savings Bank Account: This account comes with special features like priority locker system, unlimited cheque book facility for highly paid customers from organisations.
  • AB Abhaya Plus: This account comes with facility insurance coverage with the premium Rs. 18 for the sum assured 50,000/- which covers partial or permanent disability and death.
  • AB Easy Savings No Frills Account: This is a basic type of saving account where minimum balance is Rs.5 and no restrictions on the number of withdrawals and extra service charges are imposed.
  • Abhaya Gold SB Account: This account offers insurance coverage of 1, 00,000 per person with the premium which covers partial or permanent disability and death.
  • AB Jeevan Abhaya Scheme: This type account is for the applicants who are between 18 to 55 years provide accidental death benefit and group insurance cover to the account holder which was launched in partnership with Life Insurance Company Limited.
  • AB Super Salary SB Account: This type of account is specially for salaries employees of organisations and companies with zero balance account comes with facilities free internet banking, ATM card, credit and debit cards where customer also gets facilities like seep and reverse sweep .
  • AB Jeevan Abhaya Double Plus: With no medical examination this account provides life insurance coverage for 5 lakhs the account holder for the death due to natural or accident. It also comes with one year renewable group insurance scheme with nominal premium.
  • Abhaya First Wealth Pack: A special type of account which comes with features like unit linked plans, recurring deposits, life insurance and savings account with three types of denominations like gold, silver and platinum where customer will have flexibility over operation of the money.
  • AB Little Stars and AB Teens: this account comes with the facilities like internet banking, mobile banking and issuance of pass book, and crafted withdrawal book and Rupay Cards where bank will teach younger generation the importance of new age banking.
  • AB Jeevan Abhaya Triple Plus: This account offers one year renewable group insurance for 10 lakhs for the customers aged between 18 to 55 years that offers coverage of natural and death due to accident with nominal premium.

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