How to Improve Your CIBIL Score?

CIBIL Score is an important factor considered by banks and financial institutes while loan applications are evaluated. If you have a decent score of 700 and above, there is a good chance of getting credit card and loan application approved. There are several ways of improving CIBIL score. Some of these are mentioned below. Once you follow these directives, your credit score shall strengthen eventually, and you will stand a better chance of borrowing credit from NBFCs and banks.

  • Create a Good Credit History: If you do not have a credit history, create one. Open a fixed deposit and then get a credit card against it, and make regular payments with it to improve credit score.
  • Pay Regularly: Do not default with credit card or loan payments or it will overshadow your creditworthiness. Take help of your friends or relatives for short-term loans in meeting deadlines of loan instalments or credit card payments.
  • Check Credit Score before Making an Application: On payment of a small fee, you can easily get your CIBIL report by post or electronically. It is best to know your credit score before applying for a loan, so that you understand you are in sync with the loan requirements.
  • Spread your Expenditure over Several Credit Cards: Do not use just one of your credit cards to spend excessively, or it can affect your credit score. It is wiser to use multiple credit cards, but at the same time keep a check of the expenditure.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Disputes: If you know that you have made late payments and are liable to pay penal interest, and then get the necessary payments done. Do not raise issue over disputes created by you, however, report any fraudulent transactions or undue charges if any and not otherwise as it will impact your credit score.