How Important is CIBIL Score for Home Loan?

A lending institute can trust your capacity to pay back home loan, if your CIBIL score is at least 750 and upwards. If the bank can rely on you as a borrower, you may get 85% of the property value as finance. Credit score has a major role in home loan applications. The latter can be rejected if your CIBIL score is bad (lower than 700).

As home loans are a large part of NBFCs and bank's loan book, it is inevitable to have a good CIBIL score when applying for property loan or similar. Your creditworthiness will be determined based on many factors, which can differ from one lending institution to another. It is best to follow safe practises to maintain a healthy credit score throughout your financial cycle.

What if your credit score is bad?

There is a possibility that your credit score is poor. But there are ways up improve it, and then be eligible enough to receive a housing loan.

  • Check what is spoiling your credit score. It can be late payments, defaults, or some error in the report, which can be fixed when you contact CIBIL or relative institute you got the credit report from.
  • Try to maintain a decent financial journey by making timely payments and taking less of unsecured loans. If the score is bad, then applying for too many loans at once is not a good choice.
  • In case any of the loans are nearing their ending tenures then do not close it early. Try to make payments as decided in loan agreement. Foreclosing loan with settle is a bad indicator of credit behaviour, which can hamper your scope for a home loan.