CIBIL Report

A score is generated according to the information taken from customer's CIR. The report has details of your credit payments over loans and other institutions over a period. The CIBIL report does not consist of data about investments, fixed deposits etc. It contains the following:

  • Personal and Contact Info: The CIBIL report shows your name, gender, date of birth as accounted from PAN Number, Voter ID, Passport etc. It also has email address, mobile number, residential address, telephone number, and more.
  • Account Info: This section provides data about your credit cards and loans, along with the type of facility availed, the lender, and so on. Further information is given about last payments made, the date of payment, current balance, or amount due until 36 months of payments.
  • Consumer Dispute Remarks: This section procures the consumer dispute remarks for the year, or every time the CIBIL report is accessed from a particular credit institution.

Credit Information Report (CIR)

This type of report is based on individuals and has their credit history drawn statistically in form of credit score. The CIR is main document, which lending institutions have a look at before considering credit or loan application. It contains several sections that tell about the applicant's credit history:

  • Current Outstanding Balance: The sections depicts current credit due to pay, and assists in elucidating if there are any EMI payments to be done or have been completed, and if the applicant is eligible for more credit or not.
  • Payment History: States credit repayment behaviour in last 3 months for credit card payments and loans. Days Past Due (DPD) is the number of days by which the applicant has delayed a payment.
  • Enquiries: It talks about enquiries done about credit score in recent past. Too many enquiries can negatively impact credit score. Banks and lender often view too many credit enquiries as a bad sign of financial stability, as it may indicate that the applicant is credit hungry and not dependable for repayments.
  • New Credit Facilities: Here, the recent credit transaction listed under the applicant's name is mentioned.