How to Clear Credit Report Problems?

Errors in CIBIL Credit Report can be minor such as spelling mistake in address or name or as major as misreporting of any overdue debt amount for a loan, which you did not take. Sometimes the report may reflect incorrect or inaccurate balance, debts, and personal details as well. Such errors can affect your score drastically, and can be the cause of rejection to loan application.

Resolving Credit Report Errors

  • Obtain a copy of your credit report from CIBIL either via applying online on their website or contacting them on their physical address via a written application
  • You will need your control number for credit report, and provide details such as your date of birth, name, and address
  • Let them know about the errors and ask for a review on the same. You application will be verified by CIBIL with the lending institute or bank
  • If the dispute is accepted, the changes asked will reflect in your credit report and the issue will be resolved
  • If you are not happy with the resolution given, you can again approach CIBIL to process the correction of errors in credit report

How to Get Past Credit Score Errors?

In your credit report the section "Days Past Due" (DPD) depicts the number of days a payment for that account is late in the month. Any number other than '000' signifies you have failed in financial obligations, which will have a negative impact on credit score. A solution is to make timely payments, so that your DPD indicates '000' as status.

A poor credit score sabotages your chances of getting a credit card or loan. It is recommended to avoid excessive debts. In case you cannot make a payment on time, contact the financial institution or bank for a solution or negotiation.