Disputes and Resolutions Process of CIBIL

CIBIL performs the job of gather and evaluating credit history of its customers (individual or company). If you wish to get your credit history analysed then you can consider the services of CIBIL. You will be given a credit score on the basis of your credit behaviour over a period of time. Credit score plays a vital role in credit card and loan application approval, and decides your creditworthiness. But sometimes disputes can arise with CIBIL.

Types of Disputes Which May Arise with CIBIL

  • Individual Disputes: Dispute can be raised by customer (you) in case there is an error in personal details (name, date of birth, address etc.), a mistake in account that appears twice and incorrect. Disputes cannot be raised for member/account number, (unless it is of ownership disputed), control number, date reported, and enquiry date.
  • Company Disputes: The company or account details like its address, PAN account info, sanction amount, credit type, and name can be disputed. Ownership disputes can arise in case the company account is not actually correct. If the credit report contains an account that is repeated over and over, for which you wish to raise dispute for getting it rectified, can be done online or through mail to CIBIL.

How to Resolve CIBIL Disputes?

Visit the CIBIL official website and fill the dispute form by providing asked personal details and control number. Mark the dispute and wait for a response, which takes about 10 business days. The CIBIL will verify the details sent with bank or financial institution that gave your information to it, and then the bank or institution of concern will either accept or reject the dispute.

If the request is accepted the changes will reflect under the dispute section. If you are unsatisfied by the solution then you can escalate the matter and reapply for raising dispute, this step can be repeated only one more time in case the solution does not seem adequate even this second time. If errors are fixed, then the same will reflect in your credit report.