How to Remove Your Name from CIBIL Defaulter List?

Ensuring that your name never features in the Defaulters List of CIBIL should be an absolute priority for you:

  • The first and foremost thing that you should do is go through your credit report to see if there has been a human fault that caused your name to appear on the defaulter's list. The report should be thoroughly checked to ensure that each of your details, like PAN, address, name, date of birth, is correctly mentioned.
  • There could be instances of erroneous reporting and wrong details, like credit card details where the credit details can be yours while the ownership could be someone else's. You might also become an unfortunate victim of identity theft and thus have reports for delayed repayments in spite of making regular payments.
  • Defaulting on making payments towards credit and making delayed payments affect the credit report negatively.

In order to get off the Defaulters List where your name appears for the first two reasons, you will have to provide CIBIL with valid documented proof with the help of which the errors will get fixed.

How to Better your Credit Score and Avoid Getting on the Defaulters List?

  • Try to have just one credit card, instead of availing a number of cards that might make you appear to be hungry for credit. Avoid having multiple credits.
  • Ensure that all your repayments in relation to your credit outstanding are timely and effective. This improves your credit score even if it is not very decent at the moment.
  • Do not project yourself to be hungry for credit or in need of a loan all the time. Avoid making credit card applications and loan applications again and again. Even if you submit applications at different lending institutions, each and every application gets recorded at CIBIL. A record of repeated loan and credit card requests lowers your credit score.
  • The most effective way of keeping your CIBIL score at 750, if not above, is to use credit only if mandatory and carefully as well as make timely repayments.