What is CIBIL Xpress Acquire?

To apply for credit card or loan, you need to decide on their types respectively. Then you compare banks and their offers, interest rates- after which you finally begin the application process, not every time sure that the loan will be granted or not because of CIR or CIBIL TransUnion score. In case your loan application is rejected, your hardwork goes to waste.

This is where CIBIL Xpress Acquire comes into the picture. This platform assesses your credit report, current income, city, and CIBIL TransUnion score. It then checks these against eligibility criteria and requirements from the bank, and shows you credit card and loan offers from banks that consider you an eligible candidate.

Thus, you can cut through the general loan application process and browse the pre-approved credit cards and loans, which you can apply for. This system is best for loan against property, personal and home loans, and credit cards.

Working of CIBIL Xpress Acquire

It saves you time and hassles for searching out banks and institutions that would approve your loan or credit card request. By doing the job of comparing all the details against bank set criteria, it helps you access best offers. CIBIL Xpress Acquire is user-friendly and bases on lenders eligibility criteria to provide you tailor-made solutions.

You can log on to CIBIL Xpress Acquire with your score value and control number once you buy a credit information report or CIBIL TransUnion Score. Then choose the product you need (loan or credit card), and compare offers from lenders. Pick the one that suits your needs.