6 Things That Your Credit Report Will Not Contain

There are a few items that would not be included in your CIBIL report. Those items are:

Employment Status: A credit report is not going to contain information about your employment. The names of your present employer or your previous employer could however be included in the report, if you did mention them while making your credit application. The information is not going to include the length of you employments.

Utility Bills: Non-payment of utility bills or detailed information about payment of utility bills like water bills, electricity bills, telephone and internet bills, or maintenance expenses are not going to be projected on a credit report. Even if the payments are made through a bank account or an online banking system, the payment details will not feature on a credit report.

Salary:A credit report will not and should not have information regarding your income or salary. The report only reflects your credit background and related details like capacity to make repayments, credit behaviour, etc. It does not contain any information about your income, earning capability, or net worth.

Unconventional financial loans: Any loan that has not been taken from a financial institution or bank is non-traditional. Money borrowed from private lenders or pawn shops will not be projected on the credit report.

Credit Information of Spouse: Credit details of your spouse will not feature on your credit report. Regardless of whether you are married or single, it is only your credit information that gets projected on the credit report. Even if you have a joint loan or joint account, the report contains your details regardless of your connection with them.

Rates of Interest of other loans: The interest you need to pay on your credit cards and earlier loans are not included in your credit report. These rates of interest are not important as long as you repay your credits on time.

Your credits, credit score, and credit report are completely in your hands. The information that is included in the credit report must be maintained correctly. Timely and regular payments must be made in order to make sure that you have a decent credit report.