CIBIL Grievance and Redressal Procedure

The banks check your CIBIL score before giving you a loan. If your credit score is low as per bank's requirements, then your loan or credit card application can get rejected. Often there are discrepancies in credit report, which makes a difference in your credit report and your reputation as a financially stable person. Errors in CIBIL report can affect your credit score as well.

You can either put a request, query, complaint or feedback to CIBIL. Your credit information report will contain details of credit facilities you availed, basic information on personal details, loan or credit card inquiries made, amount overdue, past payment history and other mentioned in the following:

  • EMI amount paid or overdue. Loan amount disbursed
  • Amount paid against the amount due
  • Current balance to be paid to lender (about 30 to 45 days are taken by lender to update the CIBIL with payment details)
  • Amount overdue or not paid to the lender
  • Collateral against loan. Credit and cash limit
  • Days past due, repayment tenure observed
  • Non-performing assets, control number for CIR

Initiating a Dispute

You can file a dispute to CIBIL over the internet or mail in case there is inaccuracy or error in credit information report. You cannot raise dispute against date reported or enquiry date, control number, and account number or member name unless on ownership dispute.

Resolution Process

Recognize the error and then proceed to raise a dispute with CIBIL by filling the necessary form online. The lender then either rejects or accepts the dispute. Corrections are made if the dispute is accepted. The issues "Under Dispute" section will be remove once corrections are done.

Grievance Redressal

If you are not satisfied from the response of CIBIL for the dispute raised, you can raise the issue again. Keep the valid service request number for escalating the issue, which you will receive when you interact with CIBIL.

  • Escalation 1: Submit the grievance as before through online form with details and escalation information. The same is transcended to Manager of Consumer Services. It takes 10 business days from submission date for getting a response.
  • Escalation 2: In case you are still unsatisfied you can escalate the issue to Assistant Vice President of Consumer Services via an online form. You will require the ID generated in escalation 1. It will consume 10 business days for receiving response.
  • Escalation 3: If your query is not resulted even now, you can escalate the matter to Senior Vice President of Consumer Services. Use the ID of level 2 escalations. This is the final redressal step.