Cash Advance Loan in India

Cash advance also called as the payday advance, is generally allied with the credit cards. The top credit card companies enable their customers to quickly receive cash advances using their credit cards at the local ATMs. However, the only problem with such relaxed facilities is one might not even realise his/her debts piling up and might end up falling into a debt trap.

Cash Advance Loan in India Details

Loan Amount

Rs. 10 thousand to Rs. 50 thousand

Loan Tenure

30 days to 90 days

Interest Rate

0.1% per day

You are likely to be charged a fee by the bank associated with the bank and also a fee for cash advanced by your credit card company. Besides, you might have to pay interests if the money is not paid back prior the next billing cycle. Some companies charge interest on the cash advances more than the interests on regular amounts.

Thus, in case you look forward to enjoying cash advances without massive interest rates, you can consider taking cash advance loans from instead. Such loans are termed as small cash loans and suits for emergency needs, as you can get an amount of up to Rs. 50,000 within just a few hours of loan approval.

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Features of Instant Cash Loan in India

  1. How Quick Cash Advance Loans Work at Cash advances or small cash loan in Mumbai, are generally for a short period. The amount instantly credits to your bank account once approved. The amount of cash advance loans in India starts from Rs. 10,000, which means you can pay the same in one, two, or three instalments.
  2. The tenure of the loan is between 30 days to 90 days, thus it is a short term loan.
  3. While dealing with an online cash advance loan provider like loanbabacom, all the transactions take place via the internet. Thus, you do not require moving to a physical location filling up long forms and waiting for lengthy approvals.
  4. The cash loan in 1 hour in Mumbai is pretty similar to the payday loans, the only difference being cash advances do not need single repayments on paydays.
  5. The online forms can be filled up sitting at home, and you can track your approval status of easy cash advance loans through emails. The funds are transferred through an electronic transfer to your bank account.

Why Apply for Small Cash Loan on

At Loanbaba, you can apply for instant cash loan online in Mumbai. You can check all related features such as quantum of loan, amount of loan, processing fees, interest rates, and other conditions, at one page. You can also quickly apply for small cash loan on our website without having to visit our office. It is simple and easy, and you can upload all the required documents online. Disbursal is done at the soonest, and you can keep a track of your loan application on the website.

Small Cash Loan Interest Rates

Small cash loan interest rate is as low as 0.1% per day, but varies as per individual profile. Keep a check on this page to note the updated quick loan interest rate for cash loan in 1 hour in Mumbai.

Small Cash Loan Eligibility Calculator

Small cash loan eligibility may differ from one candidate to another. You can also use free-of-cost small cash loan eligibility calculator at The tenure is up to 90 days and maximum borrowing amount is Rs. 50 thousand.

Cash Advance Loan or Small Cash Loan FAQs on Loanbaba

Below provided are important questions about instant cash loan, Loanbaba.

  • addFAQs
    1. What is the Application for Quick Cash Advance Loans with
    2. If the applicant meets certain flexible criteria based on income and employment requirements, then he/she can fill the online application that will ask for:

      • Applicant ’s mobile number
      • Email ID
      • Contact information including his/her physical address
    3. Can I Avail Cash loan in 1 hour in Mumbai?
    4. works to provide service for best cash advance loans in India, which is simple to understand and faster to get. The loan is approved is as soon as your application is verified. The disbursal process can be completed in as less as an hour to 24 hours.

    5. Am I restricted from using the instant loan funds for specific purposes?

    Loanbaba will not put any restriction on how you utilize the small cash loan in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai or Thane. One the loan is approved, you will receive the funds and the same will be completely yours. You can use them in any way to find success in your financial goals. Some of the common reasons the fast cash loans are taken are: repairing of car, house renovation, sudden medical costs, school and education expenses, etc.


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