Axis Bank Personal Loan

Axis Bank emphases on helping you meet your personal expenses through Personal loans. It offers these loans at attractive interest rates letting you accomplish a number of things such as children education fee, wedding arrangements, travel packages, house renovation, etc. you can apply for these loans at any of the Axis Bank branches.

How to Calculate Personal Loan Axis Bank EMI?

The EMI calculation is done on four major factors, i.e., principal amount, interest rate, loan duration and computation method. You can use our Axis bank EMI calculator to know the estimated EMI amount.

How Will the CIBIL Score Affect Personal Loans Interest Rates in Axis Bank?

The bank considers your CIBIL score to determine what interest rate it will charge on the personal loan. A good credit history will obviously get you huge loans at lower rates of interest while a bad one might be highly chargeable. The bank presently takes 750 as a desirable credit score. Thus, a credit score above 750 fetches you loan at lower interest rates while the rate goes up if the score is less than 750.

Key Facts about Personal Loan in Axis Bank

Understand the Axis bank personal loan eligibility and other factors.

  • Understand how your EMI will be calculated before applying for the loan. Use an EMI calculator to do so.
  • Know the exact rate of interest you will pay on principle amount in the end.
  • Look out for any hidden charges, if involved.
  • You should know the difference between floating and fixed interest rates. Choose from the options as per your loan capacity. For example, in fixed interest rate criteria, you have to pay a fixed amount of interest on the principle. However, interest payments may vary in floating charges.
  • Find out if the bank will ask you for collateral or security to grant the loan.