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New India Co-Operative Bank Personal Loan Details

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New India Co-Operative Bank’s headquarter is in Mumbai and it is a fastest growing bank in India. It offers almost all types of banking service and facilities to the customers. The aim of bank is to fulfil the need of medium & small sized businesses, corporate and individuals via large variety of trade services, loan products and forex.

The New India Co-operative Bank Personal Loan helps customer in meeting their requirements related to liquidity and credit. provides all the information about New India Co-Operative Bank Personal Loan:

New India Co-operative Bank Personal Loan Purpose

Individual takes the loan to complete his obligatory and large expenses which is unavoidable i.e. purchase of consumer durables, capital requirements for business, emergency expenses such as medical charges, legal fees, etc.

New India Co-operative Bank Personal Loan Eligibility criteria

  • Salaried persons should be employed for past 3 years and should be working in same organisation for One year at least.
  • In case the person is self- employed then he or she should be working in profitable situation for last two consecutive years before applying for loan.

Benefits and Features of the loan:-

  • Salaried Individual can get Thirty times of their net salary as loan, however maximum loan amount is two lakh rupees.
  • Self- employed can get 2 times of their net taxable income as loan, however maximum loan amount is two lakh rupees.
  • Applicant can pay back the loan in EMI in 60 months.
  • Rate of interest is charged by bank on day by day reducing balance method.
  • Individual can get shares of the bank by just paying 5% of loan amount and guarantors have to pay 100 rupees for becoming nominal members.
  • If applicant takes all liability on himself then bank won’t take commitment or prepayment charge.
  • There will be charge if liability is taken by other financial institution.

Requirement of guarantor for salaried applicants:

  • For any loan amount bank requires 2 guarantors (should be confirmed employee from 3 years.)

Requirement of guarantor for professional/ self-employed applicants:

  • If loan amount is up to 50,000 then bank requires one guarantor (minimum taxable income of 1lakh for 2 consecutive years).
  • If loan amount is above 50,000 then bank requires 2 guarantors (minimum taxable income of 1.5 lakh for 2 consecutive years).

Disclaimer: Information is gathered from secondary sources and meant for reference only. Loanbaba is not a channel partner of New India Co-Operative Bank.

Personal Loan in Mumbai Details

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Personal loan in Mumbai is offered by various banks and NBFCs. It is an unsecured loan, wherein the lending institution does not demand collateral. Mostly, this type of loan is offered to salaried individuals. However, there are special schemes for doctors, Chartered Accountants, consultants, lawyers, government employees, and others. The personal loan interest rates applicable are much lower than that on credit cards, making the borrowing option an affordable one to fulfil emergency or planned expenses.

On you can apply for a personal loan Mumbai.

  • The borrowing amount is from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 1 crore.
  • The interest rate as low as 10.99%.
  • Fixed EMI payment till end of the tenure.
  • The tenure is between 1 year and 5 years.
  • This loan facility comes with flexibility in end use of funds.
  • Disbursal as quick as in 48 hours.
Personal Loan in Mumbai Details Updated on

Loan Amount

Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 1 crore

Loan Tenure

1 Year to 5 Years

Interest Rate

10.99% - 16.00%

Why Take a Personal Loan in Mumbai?

As a ‘city of dreams’ and ‘financial hub’ of India, Mumbai is well-known for its urban lifestyle and high cost of living. It has one of the highest property rates in the country. Due to hike in expenses, you may feel the need of additional funds to take care of certain monetary needs. Thus, several financial institutions offer pocket-friendly funding options in form of personal loans in Mumbai, to cater to any kind of expense, such as:

  • Home renovation
  • Medical emergency
  • Travel
  • Events
  • Wedding
  • Debt consolidation
  • Purchase of a gadget
  • Vehicle repair

What Do You Require to Apply for a Personal Loan Mumbai?

A personal loan can be availed online. All it requires is minimal documentation. You have to submit KYC documents, income proof, recent bank statements, recent passport-sized photographs, and any other documentation asked by the financial institution. Below-provided are a few essential criteria to avail Mumbai personal loan.

  • You must meet the eligibility requirement by the bank/NBFC. Usually, individuals of 21-23 years of age can apply for the loan.
  • As an applicant, you must draw a regular monthly income (minimum Rs. 25,000), and possess at least 2 years of work experience.
  • The loan amount, tenure, and rate depend on your personal credit score, which ideally must be over 750+. A good credit score helps to secure the lowest rate and best offer on the loan.
  • The lending institution will take into account your income, age, repayment capacity, credit history, and other factors to approve your loan application.

How Loanbaba Helps You With An Ideal Personal Loan Scheme?

One of the easiest ways to choose a good personal loan offer is to compare the offers across banks and NBFCs in Mumbai. Now, doing so manually by visiting each and every financial institution could be tedious, and here is where Loanbaba steps in. Our online platform offers all the personal loan details by partnered banks and NBFCs, so that is simple for you to compare the offers, and pick the ideal one. It takes less than 2 minutes to apply for a personal loan online in Mumbai on our website.

  • You get to compare personal loan offers by banks and NBFCs in regards to the interest rate, fees, charges, tenure, loan amount, EMI amount, repayment options, eligibility criteria, documents required, and everything about the loan scheme on our website.
  • Use our free-of-cost personal loan EMI calculator to know the exact EMI amount you have to pay on different combinations of loan amounts, rates of interest, and tenures.
  • Take benefit of free-of-charge personal loan eligibility calculator to know the exact amount you are capable of borrowing after subtracting your existing financial liabilities.
  • You will receive quick help with loan application process and answers to your queries from our customer support team. Our team will match your profile and loan requirement with eligibility requirements across financial institutions to provide you the best personal loan proposal.
  • We charge you no service fee or commission at all. Doorstep service is also available, at no additional cost.

Personal Loan in Mumbai FAQs

Below provided are important questions about personal loan in Mumbai.

Making too many enquiries for credit with banks and NBFCs can negatively affect your credit score. Financial institutions do a hard pull on your credit report to analyze your loan eligibility. This is why; you must compare personal loan offers online on Loanbaba to know the most suitable borrowing option.
CIBIL score of 750+ is ideal to get an approval on your personal loan application. Any lower credit score may lead to rejection of the loan application or a loan approval on a higher rate of interest.
Processing fee on a personal loan can go up to 2% to 3% of the principal borrowed. This amount is non-refundable.
You can prepay your loan and close it early. However, a penalty from 1% to 3% can be charged for the same. Remember to check out the prepayment and foreclosure fee before you sign the loan agreement.
Work experience of at least 2 years is mandatory to avail the loan. A stable job with regular income is a must. If you have changed too many jobs in a short period of time, the financial institution may not readily approve your loan application.
We at Loanbaba, help you get the best loan proposal as per your profile match with eligibility requirements set by financial institutions for personal loans in Mumbai. Your application will be then sent electronically to the respective bank/NBFC, upon which a lending decision will be taken. If your loan application is approved by the lender, the details of it will be communicated to you immediately.

You can keep a track of your loan application online by login into the website. As loan approval depends on the lending decision of the bank/NBFC, we at Loanbaba can take up to two working days or more to respond to your loan request.

To address business needs, a personal loan can be helpful. However, it is better to choose a business loan for a business purpose, as it gets easier to put the financials in place, and evaluate the taxes correctly.
Though both the above-mentioned loans can be taken for any purpose, these are entirely different in entity. Firstly, a personal loan is of a shorter tenure up to 5 years, while a property loan is up to 15 years or more. The former is an unsecured borrowing, and the latter a secured one, where the property in question serves as collateral. The rate of interest on a property loan can be lower than that applicable on a personal loan. The quantum of finance is higher in case of a property loan.
You can opt for a gold loan in Mumbai as an alternative to a personal loan. Here, the loan amount will be decided on the gold weight and purity. The asset will be kept as collateral with the financial institution until you repay the loan. Another option is a small cash loan by loanbaba, wherein you can borrow between rs. 10,000 and rs. 1 lakh up to 6 months. here, you can get the funds in just a few hours (maximum 24 hours) of the loan approval.
If you do not pay the EMIs on time, then your credit score will be negatively affected, as your credit history is reported to the credit bureaus. The details of default can stay on the credit report for many years, making it difficult for you to take out a new loan in the future. Thus, you must ensure timely payments towards the loan.
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