United Bank of India Personal Loan Interest Rates

United bank has various personal loan schemes for its customers. These loans are available at the lowest interest rates to women, salaried individuals, landlords, pensioners, etc. you can check the lowest EMI, list of documents required, eligibility criteria, etc. online. The details of United Bank Personal loan are as follows:



Rate of interest

13.15 – 15 %

Maximum loan value

2 lakhs

Processing fee

1 %

Prepayment fee


Minimum income required

Rs.10000 per month

Repayment tenure

36 months

Interest Rates on United Bank Personal Loan in 2017


Interest rates

Salaried individuals

15 %


14.25 %

Working Women

14.75 %

Under the united cash rental scheme

13.15 % – 14.15 %

These loans can be availed for personal purposes like marriage, house renovations, kids’ education or any social and monetary liability.

Eligibility criteria for United Bank personal loans
  • For salaried individuals, permanent services for at least two years is a must.
  • For pensioners at the state and central government, from reputed companies, defence, reputed educational institutions, etc., if you draw your pension from United bank, then a loan from the same branch can be availed.
How to improve your eligibility to avail personal loans at the United Bank
  • Good records – a good, sound history is essential to get the priority. Default payments adversely affect your CIBIL score. The bank considers these default payments made in the past.
  • Tenure of the loan – the experts believe that an increase in tenure can reduce your EMIs simultaneously improving your ability to repay. Thus, the duration has a tremendous impact on the eligibility of the loan.
  • Credit worthiness – timely payments determine the credit worthiness of an individual. A customer is considered credit worthy if the CIBIL score of 750 or more. In most of the cases, the bank approves loans for people with a score of 700 or more. However, do there are robust track records for repayments that improve your eligibility for loans.

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