Business Loan in Delhi

Being a state itself, Delhi is capital of our country. It is well known for business and entrepreneurship culture. In the recent years, various small and medium sized businesses are opened in and around it with manufacturing presence.   A developing trading culture is also there in the city catering to approximately all the regions of north India.

With the city’s expansion and commercial hubs rising in NCR region such as Noida and Gurgaon, the desire for trade has extended to great extent. With this expansion, financial needs in the form of business loans are also growing. The requirement to fund operations and expanses of business has led increased requirement of business loans that are provided by top banks and financial institutions.

Business Loans Interest Rates in Delhi

As per business loan provider in Delhi, the rate of interest will differ. However, the factors that influence the interest rate for New Delhi business loan include, age of the applicant, financial profile of the applicant and the company, business profit and revenue and credit score of the applicant etc.

Delhi Business Loan Online Eligibility

If one wants to avail a Business Loan in Delhi, then he/she requires meeting the eligibility criteria decided by the financial institutions he/she is going to approach. The eligibility criteria include factors such as company’s number of years of operation, sustainable profit and revenues. The loan amount that one can avail may range from few lakhs to crores on the basis of the business nature. 

Documentation required for Delhi Business Loan: 

The documentation needed to avail Business Loan in Delhi include proof of address ,  IT return of last three years, audit report of finances, bank statements, ID proof of the company etc. 

NBFCs and Banks providing business loans in Delhi: 
  1. HDFC Bank:  It is largest bank in private sector in India and there are almost 222 branches of the bank in the city.  
  2. ICICI Bank: It is the 2nd largest bank in private sector in the country and it has almost 150 branches (full & part service) in Delhi.
  3. Axis Bank: It is the 3rd largest private bank in India and it has approximately 127 branches in Delhi. 
  4. Kotak Bank: It is a renowned private bank in the country and it has almost 67 branches in Delhi. 
  5. Citibank: It is a reputed bank and operating with five branches in Delhi. 
  6. Bajaj Finserv: It is among the reputed NBFCs in the country and has three branches in the city.
  7. Tata Capital: it is also a renowned NBFC with about seven branches in the city.
  8. Fullerton: It operates in the city with its three branches.
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