Gold Loan in Delhi

Situated in the northern region, Delhi is capital of India. Having bordered with Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, Delhi is the most populous city of the nation. However it is a union territory as per Indian politics but its administration resembles to full-fledged states. The capital of India has its own high court, legislature and even an executive council of ministers. New Delhi is governed jointly by local government and the federal government of India. Municipal Corporation governs the civic administration of the union territory.

Know More About Gold Loan in Delhi

Banks sanction gold loan after pledging gold jewelry/ ornaments. Gold loans are quite famous in households these days as they give short-term financial assistance to the people. The process of availing the gold loan is quite simple as well as easy, which makes it convenient to the people to avail it whenever required. The rate of interest is also low.

As far as repayment is concerned, it is very convenient as you may opt for paying just the interest portion periodically and not the principal. Payment of principal along with due interest can be paid in lump-sum anytime.

Loanbaba Gold Loan Features

Some of the loan against gold to look for in Delhi is: Kotak gold loan, HDFC gold loan, Axis gold loan, Muthoot gold loan, and gold loan Manappuram besides others. At, you can know the best gold loan provider in Delhi and gold loans interest rates in Delhi.

Documents Required for Delhi Loan against Gold

Most of the banks and NBFCs ask for just KYC documents viz. an identity proof (Aadhar, PAN, voter card, passport, etc) and an address proof (ration card, Aadhar, voter card, driving license, etc) for sanctioning the gold loan.

Highlights of Gold Loan Delhi
  • Requirements: One just needs to furnish KYC documents along with a passport size photograph and the loan will be sanctioned by the bank after valuation of gold. One just needs to pay the interest portion regularly.
  • Different schemes: Various banks offer different schemes for gold loans online according to the suitability to different income groups.
  • End use: Banks and NBFCs hardly ask for end use of the loan. One can get the loan sanctioned without revealing any reason for the same.
  • Amount of loan: Loan amount depends on the value of gold you are pledging. Normally one can easily get loan up to 80% of the value of gold. More you pledge gold, more will be the loan against gold sanctioned.