Manappuram Gold Loan

Manappuram Finance Limited is one of the major financiers of loan against gold in India. They provide you various gold loans schemes to choose from with attractive and amazing terms and features. You can get a credit up to one crore rupees. Continue discovering more about Manappuram Gold Loan and avail the scheme most suited to your preferences. You can apply for gold loan in Manappuram at

At our website, you can also access Manappuram EMI calculator and know Manappuram gold loan eligibility, gold loan features, documents required for gold loan, and gold loans interest rates in Manappuram for free. provides all the relevant information about Manappuram Gold Loan.

Prominent Characteristics of the Manappuram Gold Loan:
  • No Penalty for Making Prepayment-

In case you decide to repay your loan before its maturity date, you may do so without any fear of inviting the prepayment penalty. The Manappuram Gold Loan scheme does not extract prepayment penalty from its consumers.

  • Free Access to Instant Cash-

If you have already pledged and mortgaged your gold jewellery and ornaments with the bank, there are no difficulties of long formalities. You can start withdrawing cash immediately for loan on gold, as per your convenience.

  • Instant Approval of Loan Application-

Your gold loan online application form complete with all the relevant documents may receive approval from the heads in a matter of minutes assuming all the necessary formalities are done and everything is in order.

  • Availability of Sky High Credit Amounts-

A whopping sum of rupees one crore (maximum amount) can be availed from the Manappuram Gold Loan with which you can easily take care of all your personal financial constraints. The quantity of the loan amount available to you predominantly depends upon net weight, mass and the metallic purity of the gold jewellery/ornaments you provide.

  • Approval of Loan with Minimum Number of Documents-

Personal identification documents like ration id, pan card, voter id, passport, driving license, et cetera are the only basic documents required for submission. An extremely minimum amount of documentation is required for sanctioning of gold loan.

  • Various Attractive and Convenient Schemes-

An availability of incredibly large number of scientific and suitable schemes enables you to choose the perfect one best suited for your budget and monetary requirements and boundaries.

Qualifications for availing Manappuram Gold Loan:
  • You have to be an adult. Minors are not allowed to avail this loan facility.
  • This loan facility can be availed by any person or individual who is in possession of gold ornaments or jewellery.
  • The maximum amount of loan approved depends upon the value of the gold submitted which is determined by its purity verification.
  • Your gold jewellery must weigh between the ranges of eighteen to twenty four carats.
  • Your gold is to be presented at a branch of Manappuram Finance Limited.
Gold Loan in Manappuram -Fees and Charges:

Advance loan payment

No amount charged.

Accounts Statement

a. Within thirty days of closing: Nothing charged.

b. After thirty days of closing:

Rupees twenty five charged.

Charge for processing gold

During settlement of loan, rupees ten is charged.

Gold delivery in case pawn ticket is missing

a. In first instance, rupees seventy five

b. Subsequent times – rupees hundred.