Corporation Bank Gold Loan

Corporation Bank Gold Loan helps in getting loan against gold jewellery. In India, gold loans are cheaper and easily available as compare to personal loan. Bank takes very nominal charge for loan amount less than two lakh. You can apply for gold loan in Corporation at At our website, you can also access Corporation bank EMI calculator and know Corporation Bank gold loan eligibility and gold loans interest rates in Corporation bank for free. provides all the information about Gold loan in Corporation bank.

Amount of Loan against Gold:

Repayment Period

Loan on per gram gold

Below 12 months

On 24 carat basis, 2000 Rs. per gram

Above 12 months

On 24 carat basis, 1900 Rs. per gram

Corporation Bank Gold Loan Types
  • Jewel Loans apart from Agriculture (CAOD /CADL)

Applicant can keep their gold ornaments in the form of security and get loan for the personal expenses, housing or educational purpose.

  • Mortgage of Gold Jewellery

In this scheme applicant can get gold loan online and fulfil their personal or business requirements.

  • Agriculture Jewel Loan (ACAOD /ACADL)

In this scheme of bank customer can place their gold jewellery and can required loan amount for agricultural reason. One can use loan for crop or for purchase of farm. In this scheme applicant can get maximum amount till 3 lakh and 12 month is the maximum duration to pay back the loan.

Interest Rates for Corporation Bank Corp Gold Loan Scheme

Gold Loan Features and Schemes

Gold Loan Interest Rates

Jewel Loans for other reason than agricultural needs

12.6%per annum interest rate if amount is more than two lakh.

11.6%per annum interest rate if amount is up to two lakh.

Loan by mortgaging gold jewellery

Connected to base rate, at present it is 10. 65%per annum

Jewel Loan for agriculture requirement

10.6% per annum for time period of 12 months

11. 1% per annum for time period of 12-24 months.

7% per annum for short term crop production Jewel Loan

Below given is the eligibility criteria needed for Corporation Bank Corp Gold Loan:

Those customers who have involved themselves in small manufacturing units, small business, and retail trade can apply for this loan on gold from bank. Apart from these self- employed customers, professionals and agriculturist are also applicable for Corporation Bank Corp Gold Loan. Pensioners and those who are salaried can also apply for this gold loan.

Below mentioned is the list of documents required for gold loan from Corporation Bank:
  • Documents for Identity proof
  • Application form should be completely filled.
  • Documents for address proof.

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