Personal Loan in Pune

After the capital of Maharashtra, Pune is now considered the second largest city of the state. It is also proclaimed as the cultural capital of Maharashtra. In terms of population, the city is 7th largest in the world. Administrative headquarters of the Pune district is in Pune city itself. Historically, in the 18th century, the city was known to be a political center of India, as it was the seat of Peshwas who were the ministers in Maratha Empire.

Further, the city is also automobile and manufacturing hub of the state, and hence many educational/ research institutes have also been established in the city. The famous of these institutes are in the field of education, training, marine, IT, management, etc. If you are looking for personal loan Pune, you can trust loanbaba as your best personal loan provider in Pune.

The website offers EMI calculator and eligibility calculator for loans and allows you to compare personal loan interest rates in Pune from top NBFCs and banks such as Axis, ICICI, SBI etc.

About Personal loan in Pune

Personal loan doesn’t require any specific reason to apply for. It is most common loan in the industry and can be availed without disclosing the reason for the same. The purpose of loan can be educational expenses, marriage, renovation of house, medical expenditure, etc. Personal loans are processed very quickly and hence prove to be convenient to public. There are various lenders in the market and hence you can bargain for the interest rate and other eligibilities. The rate of interest charged by various banks is different. It depends upon your past track record, bank relation, credit score and income level.

Features of Pune Personal Loan
  • The interest rate remains fixed for the lifetime of the loan.
  • Prepayment of loan is possible, however this may be done subject to payment of certain charges in some cases.
  • Facility of balance transfer is there.
  • Repayment tenure is flexible up to a maximum of 60 months.
  • Repayment is easy through auto debit, post dated cheque and ECS.
Benefits of Taking Personal Loan in Pune
  • There is no need of any guarantor or collateral.
  • Approval is quite fast.
  • Disbursement of loan is instant.
  • Rate of interest charged for personal loan in Pune is lower than that in case of credit card.
Documentation for Pune Personal Loan in India
  • There are basic requirements of KYC documents of the borrower which include identity and address proofs along with passport size photographs.
  • Salary slips and bank statement (of account in which salary is being credited) for last 3 months are required for salaried class borrowers.
  • Audited financial statements (profit and loss account, balance sheet) for last 2 years, business continuity proof, office ownership proof and official address proof are required for self employed.
Personal Loan in Pune Eligibility Criteria
  • Age of borrower should be between 21 and 60 years for salaried class and 25 to 65 years in case of self-employed.
  • Minimum monthly income of Rs. 15,000 is required in case of salaried employees. In case of self-employed, turnover should be between 15 to 40 lakhs with minimum PAT of Rs. 1 lakh for professionals and Rs. 2 lakh for proprietors.
  • Rate of interest of 12.99% to 15.50% is charged for salaried employees, whereas 12.99% to 20% for self-employed.