Personal Loan EMI Calculator Makes Personal Loan Process A Breeze

Personal loans at are quick, transparent and competitive. Our flexible and sophisticated online personal loan repayment EMI calculator helps you to know and arrive at an EMI that is most convenient for you and through which you can pay back comfortably. The modern EMI calculator for personal loan helps you to revise and plan loan payments and loan borrowings according to your requirements.

Just enter a few details that relate to the loan and get to the EMI. The details that have to be entered in the EMI calculator include:

  • The loan amount that you plan to borrow
  • The interest rate of the loan that you have selected
  • The term/tenure or the number of years for which you are taking the loan
Payment Option

You are not required to repay the loan by going to a bank as the monthly EMI amount is deducted from your bank directly each month.

Features of personal loans at
  • Loans are offered at highly competitive interest rates
  • Loans are offered at highly competitive interest rates
  • Special loans for women employees
  • Apply and contact through smartphones while on the move
  • Optional free accidental cover with some banks
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