As a credit information services company, Experian is one of the most reliable in providing analytical and data tools to manage businesses of people in effective manner. It is licensed by the Credit Information Companies (Regulation) Act 2005, and operating two firms in India: Experian Services India Pvt. Ltd and Experian Credit Information Company of India Pvt. Ltd.

CIBIL has a certain clout in finance sector of India, as it brings transparency in the credit system.

It has tie-ups with 2,900 financial institutions and more, along with telecom companies, public sector banks, non-banking financial firms, and micro finance institutions. It is ISO 27000:2013 certified.

Experian provides credit information of its customers, and assists in managing credit risk of their clients.

Some of the other services that Experian offers are mentioned below:

Consumer and member services

Debt and fraud management

Customer lifecycle management

Credit risk management

Decision analytics