Business Loan in Bangalore

Bangalore is the business town booming with many commercial activities .The city is considered a paradise for the pensioners. The establishment of IT sector has given impetus to various sectors that include retail, malls, food and restaurants and real estate etc. The city is experiencing the rise of various indigenous businesses that are being run by groups and individuals groups. With the city’s expansion and commercial hubs rising, people have turned to individual business opportunities. With this expansion, financial needs in the form of business loans are also growing. The need to fund operations and expansion of business has led to increased requirement of business loans.

Offers One Can Avail From Business Loan in Bangalore:

One can avail business loans up to Rs. 1 crore through different NBFCs, private financial sources and banks to fulfil all the financial needs if he/she is a new or existing businessperson. These loans are offered at different interest rates as per the eligibility of the applicant. Usually, the criteria required is that one should be pursuing that business from a period of at least 3 years with required income and revenues.

For the application of loan to be accepted, one needs to prove his/her ability of paying back the amount of the loan via profits generated through the business. Loanbaba offers information on business loan provider in Bangalore and helps people get the best loan scheme for their needs.

Documentation Required for Bengaluru Business Loans:

The documentation needed to avail business loan in Bangalore include proof of address , IT return of last 3 years, audit report, bank statements, ID proof of the company etc.

NBFCs and Banks Providing Bangalore Business Loans: 
  1. HDFC Bank:  It is largest bank in private sector in India and there are almost 141 branches of the bank in the city. 
  2. ICICI Bank: It is the 2nd largest bank in private sector in the country and it has almost 89 branches in Bangalore.
  3. Axis Bank: It is the 3rd largest private bank in India and it has approximately 50 branches in Bangalore. 
  4. Kotak Bank: It is a renowned private bank in the country and it has almost 22 branches in Bangalore. 
  5. Citibank: It is a reputed bank and operating with two branches in Bangalore. 
  6. Bajaj Finserv: It is among the reputed NBFCs in the country and has six branches in the city.
  7. Tata Capital: it is also a renowned NBFC with about four branches in the city. 
  8. Fullerton: It operates in the city with its one branch.

We understand the growth aspirations and business dreams of people at You can compare all the business loan offers provided by different banks and NBFCs to know about best loan offered on our site. The parameters you must compare are eligibility, rate of interest, loan amount, time of processing, other terms like penalty for prepayment and charges of processing etc before choosing the loan scheme.