Axis Bank Business Loan

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Expand Or Improve Your Business Comfortably With Security/Collateral Free Loans At

Smart unsecured small business loans ties up with leading banks and financial institutions in India to offer small, micro and medium businesses and enterprises unsecured small business loans that do not require any security or collateral. The facility extends to loans of the value of Rs 25 lakhs or more.

Key features of business loans at
  • Comprehensive overdraft limit that ranges from Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 25 lakhs and more
  • Interest rates charged only on the remaining/outstanding loan amount thereby making the loan repayment EMI amount smaller each successive month
  • Collateral/security free capital loans for businesses located in any part of India
Eligible business entities

Partnership firms, sole proprietorship firms and public and private limited companies operating any kind of manufacturing, trading, retailing and service related businesses in India.

Why ties up with leading banks and NBFCs in India to provide you fast small business loans that may or may not require a collateral. While the limit for unsecured loans is Rs 25 lakhs at most places, you can easily negotiate with the bank to increase the amount to up to Rs 50 lakhs. Your transaction history, cash flow and other business assets help you to get a higher loan amount. You get a dedicated relationship manager who heeds patiently to your needs and is with you throughout your project. There is no requirement of financial auditing, and the loans are directly credited to your account.