HDFC Bank Gold Loan

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HDFC Bank Gold Loan is one of the best gold loan schemes in India. Funds against gold can be taken by self-employed and salaried individuals, including farmers and others. HDFC Sampoorna Bharosa loan is a scheme designed for applicants who wish to fulfil their emergency financial needs with quick funds against gold jewellery. The bank accepts gold jewellery up to 500 grams. It even accepts bank-purchased gold coins as collateral. The gold purity must be between 18 carat and 22 carat.

You can borrow up to Rs. 50 lakhs at a rate of interest of 11% onward. Tenure of the loan is up to 24 months. You can apply for gold loan with HDFC bank at Loanbaba. On our website, you can also access HDFC bank EMI calculator and know HDFC Bank gold loan eligibility.

Our website, provides all the information about HDFC Bank Gold Loan and the facility to avail this loan online.

HDFC Gold Loan Details Updated on

Loan Amount

Up to Rs. 1 Crore

Loan Tenure

24 months

Interest Rate

9.90% to 17.90%

Why Choose HDFC Bank Gold loan?

HDFC Bank has attractive offer on gold loans. The bank charges nominal rate of interest. The loan amount can be used for any purpose. Loan tenure is flexible and you can get maximum amount as per the gold weight and purity. The procedure for loan sanctioning is transparent and the bank has helped several customers fulfil their financial needs with loan against gold.

  • You can get funds in as less as 45 minutes after loan approval. This is one of the shortest duration for disbursal of a loan against gold in the market.
  • The bank offers unique triple layered security for your gold ornaments. Your gold asset will receive complete protection and handed over in a few days of completing the loan repayments.
  • Apply online for HDFC Bank gold loan on Loanbaba, and get benefited with doorstep service.
  • The bank has several different repayment options, right from EMI, overdraft facility, bullet repayment, and more.
  • You can receive maximum loan to value ratio of up to 75% depending on the chosen loan scheme.
  • Existing customers and borrowing done by farmers and women come at discounted interest rates.

Features of HDFC Bank Gold Loan

Below mentioned financial requirement can be fulfilled with HDFC Gold Loan.

HDFC Gold Loan Features:-

  • Approval is quick- Because of less documentation loan gets quickly approved without any delay.
  • Multipurpose loan- Applicant can use loan amount for their financial need which is genuine.
  • Loan amount- Applicant can avail loan as per their requirement with the help of HDFC Bank open to consider facility.
  • Safety - There is three tier sealing system for the gold’s safety.
  • Competitive interest rates- Bank offers competitive rate of interest and under certain circumstances it offers special rates to customers.
  • Prepayment- One can prepay the loan without any excess charge of prepayment.
  • Transparent- Bank maintains full transparency between customer and bank for any charges which bank take.

Why Apply for HDFC Bank Gold loan on

At Loanbaba, you can compare and apply for HDFC gold loans online. You can check out several gold loan schemes by HDFC Bank and go through all their features such as quantum of loan, amount of loan, processing fees, interest rates, and other conditions, at one page.

  • We also offer you free-of-cost HDFC Bank gold loan EMI calculator to calculate the monthly instalment to be paid.
  • You can also quickly apply for HDFC Bank Gold loan online on our website without having to visit the bank branch.
  • It is simple and easy, and you can upload all the required documents online.
  • Disbursal is done at the soonest, and you can keep a track of your loan application on the website.

How to Apply for HDFC Bank Gold loan on Loanbaba?

You can apply for HDFC Bank gold loan or any other bank/NBFC gold loan at

HDFC Bank Gold Loan Interest Rates

Rates of interest charged by bank depend on loan amount, borrower and time duration. Currently the HDFC Bank interest rate is between 11% and 14.50% per year but quality of gold is also one of important factor in deciding the rate. Lowest EMI per Rs. 1 lakh is Rs. 4,661 on an interest rate of 11% and 24 months tenure. Average interest charged by bank is 12-13% which is highly competitive. There are special rates for existing customer and women of their services and products.

Below-provided are other charges by the bank:

  • The processing fee is up to 0.5% of the approved loan amount. Renewal processing fee is up to Rs. 250.
  • Valuation charge for loan amount up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs is Rs. 250 and Rs. 500 for loan amount over Rs. 1.5 lakhs.
  • Prepayment charges are none, or maximum up to 1% of the prepaid principal.
  • Penalty charges are 2% over the actual loan interest rate on the outstanding amount.
  • 2% per annum over original interest rate on overdue amount.

HDFC Gold Loan Interest Rate Calculator

The lowest rate of interest on HDFC loan against gold is 11%, you can know the exact rate of interest applicable based on different factors. These include term of the loan, quantum of finance, and gold content and purity in the jewellery. Old customers may receive greater benefits regards to interest rates as well. Below-mentioned are factors which HDFC gold loan interest rate calculator considers to finalize the rate of interest on jewellery loan.

  • Loan Amount: The quantum of finance approved depends on the weight and purity of the gold in jewellery that you pledge at the bank. The gold value is calculated per gram and this may differ as per loan to value ratio and gold’s purity. Higher loan amount may attract a lower rate of interest. HDFC offers loan amount between Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 50 lakhs to its customers.
  • Relationship with HDFC Bank: If you have had shared a good rapport and relationship with the HDFC bank, then it may offer special rates on jewellery loan. In case you have retained a consistent repayment history or made investments with the bank, then lower rates may apply on the loan, as compared to that for new customers.
  • Term of the Loan: Loans on a smaller tenure are likely to apply a higher rate of interest, and vice-versa. The tenure of HDFC gold loan is between 3 months and 24 months. Remember, shorter the tenure, lower the interest payout and vice-versa. However, you need to decide on tenure as per your repayment capacity. If a longer tenure suits your pockets, then you must not hesitate to choose it.
  • Loan to Value Ratio: The LTV or loan to value ratio for loans against gold is maximum 75% as per the norms of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). But, HDFC may offer loans on a lower LTV as well. The interest rate on lower LTV can be lower as against that on higher LTVs. As per the weight and purity of the gold, and the loan against gold scheme, the LTV is determined by the bank.

What Are the Benefits of Taking a Gold Loan Online by HDFC Bank?

Below-provided are the major benefits of jewellery loan by the bank.

  • You can apply for the loan against gold by HDFC on Loanbaba. It takes less than 2 minutes to fill the online application form. The website interface is smooth and requires you to go through only one page documentation.
  • Just upload the soft copy of the required documents with the application and apply for the loan. The loan process is paperless. No need to submit hardcopy at the bank.
  • After reviewing the loan application, gold valuation, and other loan approval procedures, you can get the funds in as less as 45 minutes or the same-day by the bank.
  • The customer support team from Loanbaba will always be prepared to guide you through the loan procedure and answer your queries.
  • The funds can be used for any purpose, be it personal or business related, as the loan is multi-purpose one.

HDFC Bank Gold Loan Eligibility Calculator

Gold loan eligibility may differ from one candidate to another. You can also use free-of-cost HDFC Bank gold loan eligibility calculator at To be eligible for the gold loan, you must be at least 18 years of age, and possess gold jewellery or coin between 18 carat and 22 carat. Maximum gold weight allowed for the fund is 500 grams, but that may differ as per the loan amount demanded, and other terms and conditions.

Types of HDFC Bank Gold loans

HDFC Bank has gold loan schemes for professionals and salaried individuals. The amount taken as loan can be used for either multiple or specific purposes.

1. Gold Loan with Bullet Repayment Option

In this scheme, you have the facility to repay the entire principal amount at end of the tenure. This scheme is offered on gold loans of shorter tenure, less than 6 months. There is a fixed rate applicable on such a scheme. The rate of interest is charged monthly, which can be paid with the borrowed principal at the tenure’s end, or as EMI with monthly interest.

  • Loan to value ratio is up to 65% under this scheme.
  • If you do not have an HDFC account, or the borrowing amount is less than Rs. 50,000 then an upfront deduction of 6 months’ interest is charged by the bank.
  • There is no lock in period. But a penalty of 2% over the applicable interest is chargeable if the loan is pre-closed before 3 months.
  • The benefit of this scheme is that you can ease your financial burden. Paying the principal amount at end of tenure helps you plan repayments comfortably.

2. Gold Loan with EMI option

Under this scheme, you can repay the loan in form of monthly instalments. Every month on a particular date as per the loan agreement, an EMI will be charged by the bank. The instalment amount will contain both the components of principal borrowed and the interest amount. In the initial EMIs, the component of interest amount is higher, which gradually reduces with every paid EMI.

  • This scheme is offered for borrower more than 3 months’ tenure.
  • It is available for existing bank account customers on preapproved offers.
  • Maximum loan to value ratio is 75%.
  • Floating interest rate applies for this scheme.
  • The benefit of this scheme is that you repay the loan amount with interest consistently and at the end of tenure, you will be left with no outstanding amount.

3. Gold Loan for Agriculture

This loan against gold scheme is for farmers, who can borrow funds against their gold ornaments for agriculture and farming expenses. The end use of the funds must be mentioned and must be for farming activity only.

  • To avail the loan, the borrower must present a proof of the farming activity.
  • Also ownership of the agricultural land must be proven with help of necessary documents.
  • The benefit of this loan is that farmers and agriculturists can avail funds for farming needs without having to go for a more expensive loan. They can monetize on self-owned gold jewellery without losing the asset.

4. Gold Loan with Overdraft Facility

In the overdraft facility, you can borrow against gold, deposit surplus amount or withdraw funds from your account within the loan tenure. You have to pay interest only on the amount borrowed and utilized, and not on the entire amount existing in the account. This loan is useful for salaried people and self-employed individuals who earn annual bonuses.

  • No prepayment penalties apply, so you can prepay the loan whenever you want.
  • There is no lock-in period applicable, you can prepay at any time, even early in the tenure.
  • Floating rate of interest applies over the utilized amount.
  • There is an option of loan renewal, which can be accessed on paying processing fees.
  • The benefit of this scheme is that you can borrow anytime between the tenure as much as you want from the amount sanctioned. There is no need to withdraw the amount in lump-sum.

Apply for Gold Loan

HDFC Bank Gold loan FAQs

Below provided are important questions about gold loan HDFC Bank.

In order to make the process simple bank has minimised the documentation part. Procedure can be done in single page. Below is the documents one need to submit for the loan:-

  • Address proof – Address proof should be government recognized (ration card, passport, utility bill, Aadhar card, etc.)
  • ID proof– ID proof should be government approved (DL, PAN card, Passport, etc.)
  • Application form – Application form should be completely filled and signed.

  • Security – Customer has to provide gold in the form of security.
  • Income – Customer has to prove that he or she earns enough income to pay the loan.
Charge /Fee type for Loan against Gold Charge /Fee amount
Processing fee* 0.50% of loan amount
charges of foreclosure /Prepayment Max – 1%
In order to waive of such charges customer can contact bank
Valuation fee Min – loans up to Rs 1.5 lakh - Rs 250 Max – loans over Rs 1.5 lakh- Rs 500
Charges of Renewal Maximum 250 Rs.

After the gold asset is verified by the bank and you submit the application form duly filled and signed, then signing of gold agreement takes place, which has details related to depositing of gold and its security. The gold is then submitted to the lending institution, and the loan amount disbursed.

The quantum of finance is decided based on the gold deposited. The weight and purity of gold content in the jewellery is taken into account. The maximum finance that you can get bases on loan to value ratio as well, which can be maximum 75%. Other factors such as repayment capacity of borrower, form of gold, etc are also taken into account.

The fund is disbursed only after complete verification of gold asset, and the submitted documents with the application form. If the gold item found to be stolen or fake, and the documents submitted as forged/fake or falsified information, then in such cases, your loan application can stand rejected. Otherwise, there is no other factor that may disrupt the loan approval process, since gold quality and KYC documents are the only two basic requirements for a gold loan.

You must have a CIBIL score 500+ to qualify for a gold loan. However, credit check is not the primary criterion for this loan. Your loan eligibility usually depends on the quality and weight of gold, along with current repayment capacity.

You can strengthen your credit score by making timely repayments on a loan against gold. The repayment history gets addressed to credit bureaus responsible for calculating your credit score. Thus, making timely payments will help improve your credit score, and vice-versa.