Gold Rate Today in Nagpur

Gold investments in India mostly in the traditional sense mean purchasing ornaments and jewellery. However, in the modern era, with better education and understanding the importance of investment, gold is also used as a commodity enhancing trade and investments. Nagpur, the second capital of Maharashtra, has seen the vast changes in use of gold shifting from purchasing jewellery to using the same for investments.

The city is filled with numerous gold dealers who are certified namely Shri Nirmal Jewellers, Pure Gold, Wadilal Parekh and Sons, Sona Hira Chand Rupchand, V M Jewellers, Tanishq, Inter Gold Gems Private Limited, Jos Alukkas Jewellery, etc.

While buying gold from these dealers or any other local dealer in Nagpur, always make sure that the gold is stamped and marked with the certification and authenticated with the purity you plan to make, i.e., 22 karats or 24 karats. Also, take the certificate of authenticity while purchasing gold which explains its purity level, purchase date and the amount paid for the acquisition.

How to buy gold in Nagpur?

Made Vs. Machine made ornaments- the jewellery may be created by a man or through machinery. The charges of machinery made jewels are lower than that of human made produce.

Sales- the special occasions increase the demand of gold leading to increased rates of the same. Thus, planning to buy gold in off season can get you gold at lower rates added with some impressive discounts.

Buy-back - find out if the jeweller has the buyback option. This lets you give your old gold to the artist and buy a new one. Though the designs and trends may change, the rates of the gold remain same as per market conditions.