Loan Against Property in Pune

Loan against Property is a loan taken against a commercial or residential property one owns. When it comes to loan against property in Pune, an individual can avail the loan amount (up to Rs. 5 crores) to meet any of his/her expenses, be it for marriages, vacation, travel, business purpose, education etc. At, you can compare loan against property interest rates in Pune and loan schemes from top banks and NBFCs.

As a platform to connect with loan against property provider in Pune, we assist you to compare top banks such as SBI, ICICI, Axis and more. You can get all information about mortgage loan schemes in Pune here.

Below are some of the features of Property Loan in Pune:

  • Lowest interest rate (starting at 9.75%) and maximum tenure available (up to 15 years), as the loan is secured one
  • Many banks and NBFCs are willing to provide this loan, since a collateral is submitted
  • Different loan offers of maximum benefits are provided to both salaried and self-employed
  • Loan against property in Pune starts from Rs. 1 lakh
  • One can expect to get at least 60% to 70% of the property’s market value as loan amount
  • Easy and flexible EMI options
  • Speedy processing of the loan upon verification of documents
  • Quick loan disbursal when you select loanbaba for your Pune loan against property

Loanbaba loan against property in Pune is available for those with good credit score, and ones with commercial or residential property they own. Getting property loan Pune is easy, even if one has average income.

Pune Loan against Property Eligibility

The applicant must be able to present income and personal documents (proof of age, residence, identity etc.), and that of the property he/she owns. The eligibility criteria differ from one bank to another.

Property Loan in Pune is available for different types of property, of which details are mentioned below:

Property Types

Repayment Terms

Tenure for Loan against Property


Monthly fixed EMI Based

5 to 15 years

Industrial or Marketable Commercial

Monthly fixed EMI Based

5 to 15 years

Residential, Industrial or Commercial

Normal Simple Interest basis

2 to 5 years

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