Bajaj FinServ Business Loan

Bajaj Finserv provides its customer of India with business loan with flexible repayment facilities and low rates of interest. This kind of facility is designed by Bajaj Finserv to double your profits from business and individual competitiveness in India. Business loan in Bajaj Finserv allows you to scale new heights of development, acquire hi tech gadgets, machinery and equipment, and diversify your business, etc. provides all the information regarding Bajaj FinServ Business Loans. You can check the recent business loans interest rates in Bajaj Finserv to understand how much the loan will cost you.

On our website, you can check for free your Bajaj Finserv business loan eligibility and use the Bajaj Finserv EMI calculator.

Features of Bajaj FinServ Business Loans:
  • Pre Sanctioned Offers:

Eligible to all customers of the bank, you may avail surprising offers like reduced rates and pre approved top up credit.

  • Flexible and Simple Loan Facility:

These special types of business loans empower you to secure higher loan amount than you were originally qualified for. The exciting part is that you have the option of paying only the principal amount of the interest for the borrowed money. This is because when there is sole payment of interest, the installment money, monthly, is automatically much less than standard loans for business.

  • Maximum Amount of Loan:

For all cases, be it loan for long term or short term or intermediate term, your maximum amount is Rs. 30 lakhs. You are free to do any type of investment with this amount. For example expanding of working capital, purchase of raw materials, equipment and inventories, diversifying operations, investing in development and up gradation of infrastructure.

  • The Credit Line: 

This business loan opens the option for you to get the ‘flexi line’ facility or ‘line of credit’. It permits the borrower to pay the interest amount every month, and the principal amount can be repaid at the completion of the loan tenure.

  • Business Loan Free From Collateral:

You are not required to keep assets as guarantee.  Thus, through unsecured loans, you do not immediately risk losing any assets.