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The Dombivli Nagari Sahakari Bank Ltd. is a scheduled bank. Like other banks of India, this bank also provides financial solutions to its customer. One of the aims of this bank is to provide best service to the customer through highest accounting standards and high-end technology. provides the information about Dombivli Nagari Sahakari Bank Personal Loan.

Below given are the types of personal loan offered by DNS Bank:-
  • Mortgage Loan Scheme by DNS Bank- Individual can take mortgage loan for various purposes such as education, business, purchase of durable articles etc.
  • Utsav Loan Scheme by DNS Bank- The aim of Utsav Loan by DNS bank is to provide finance for the purchase of television, two-wheelers and refrigerators apart from other durable items.
  • Advances against Shares by DNS Bank- This scheme of DNS bank gives finance for emergencies and to meet any kind of requirement which is personal.
  • Suvidha Loan Scheme by DNS Bank- With the help of this scheme of DNS Bank one can pay his or her debts, and also use the loan for medical expenses and other purpose approved by DNS bank and tourism.

Below given are the eligibility criteria for availing DNS Bank Personal Loan:

  • DNS Utsav Loan Scheme: self-professionals  & Salaried individuals
  • DNS Suvidha Loan Scheme: Eligible individuals
  • DNS Mortgage Loan Scheme: Eligible individuals
  • Advances against shares: companies’ demat shares , Individuals (joint or single name)
Below given table shows features and benefits of DNS Bank Personal Loan-

Loan scheme by DNS bank

Maximum Loan Amount

Duration of Repayment time




DNS Utsav Loan Scheme

One lakh rupees

Thirty Six months

No margin for 5000/-

above Rs.5000-10% margin


Item taken by customer or hypothecation of article

DNS Suvidha

Loan Plan

Five  lakh rupees

sixty months



Borrowers have to take group insurance equivalent to  loan amount

DNS Mortgage

Loan Plan

Varies from case-to case

Eighty Four months

40% of value of residential flat

50% of value of commercial property;


Property has to be


Advance against shares

Five lakh rupees

Twelve  months

Shares should be worth of 50 % of market value (average of high plus low of fifty two weeks)



Disclaimer: Information is gathered from secondary sources and meant for reference only. Loanbaba is not a channel partner of Dombivli Nagari Sahakari Bank.

Dombivli Nagari Sahakari Bank Personal Loan Review

Personal Loan
I stand by with Dombivli Nagari Sahakari Bank for the personal loan in Mumbai. My experience was nice. Verification process was also done in time and I received the amount within a short time.
Personal Loan
personal loan in Pune was approved by Dombivli Nagari Sahakari bank at a great interest rate! I was able to secure the loan for a desirable tenure.
Personal Loan
As I was holding a savings account with Dombivli Nagari Sahakari bank they gave me personal loan for which the entire documentation process was very less. It was a quick disbursement procedure.
Mumbai 23 July 2021
Personal Loan
Taking personal loan in Gujrat by Dombivli Nagari Sahakari bank through online portal of loanbaba was after all not a bad idea. This way I could communicate with the Dombivli Nagari Sahakari without having to come over to their branch. All by documentation was sorted and I got the loan in decent time.
Mumbai 22 July 2021

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