What is a DPD in Your CIBIL Report?

DPD or Days Past Due is an element in your CIBIL credit report which informs how you pay credit card bills and EMIs, and if you skipped any payments. DPD information is available in the credit report under the accounts sections. In case you missed any payments, the section reveals by how many days and in which month did you miss the same.

DPD also depicts the days on which the payments were delayed. In case the DPD indication is not '000' or 'XXX', then it means that the payment was skipped. The report reflects Days Past Due details up to the last 36 months of your payment history.

Like many other factors which influence a credit score, DPD is one of the most crucial ones as it tells about your repayment behaviour. If this section shows too much of a default, then your credit score by CIBIL will get hampered.

Values against DPD and their Importance in CIR

For ensuring you never skip any payments on credit cards or loans, you have to repay before the due date every month or as per repayment plan. To enjoy a healthy credit score, you must have a good credit history. Here are some indications for DPD value and their significance.

  • XXX as DPD Value: It is a safe value and means that the lender or bank has not updated the data.
  • 000 as DPD Value: It is a safe value that indicated there are no outstanding payments left.

NOTE: Any DPD value other than the two mentioned above is counted as negative. Banks term dues over 90 days or more as non-performing-assets. Statuses such as 'Settled' or 'Written Off' are also negative. If your DPD is poor, it can take about 2 years or more to show a stable DPD again.

  • STD as DPD Value: It means that the dues are for greater than or up to 90 days.
  • DBT as DPD Value: An account staying at SUB for a period of 12 months
  • SUB as DPD Value: An account remaining at NPA for lesser than 12 months
  • LSS as DPD Value: An account which identifies as in loss and is not open for collections anymore.

Can I Change the DPD Value?

In many cases, lenders reject loan applications despite a credit report being relevantly clean, but the DPD section is of a value other than 'XXX' or '000'. Unfortunately, you cannot change the DPD details for a month for your CIBIL report.