How to Get Refund for Excess TDS Deducted or Paid?

As such there is no form to apply for refunding TDS (Tax Deducted at Source). Taxpayers while filing the income tax (IT) return one has to produce the income tax computation that states the tax to be paid and TDS deducted. After submitting the details in the portal, refundable TDS is shown and it can be claimed back by the taxpayer.

It usually takes around a couple of months for the refund, after it has been sanctioned by the IT officer. In case the refund amount is more than 10% of the total tax payable for the fiscal year, the refund is done with interest which amounts 6% per annum, the intimation of which is given to the taxpayer under section 143(1). One can apply a detailed report online or get in touch with IT officer, if any kind of doubt is there in the computation of interest.

Checking the refund status

After the process of filing IT return, one can check the status online via portal. In the portal, the taxpayer's account will reflect the processing details and date of refund acceptance. PAN card number and the year for which the refund is to be sought needs to be submitted. An intimation of clarification is sent to the taxpayer if IT department doesn't comply with the refund details.

Some important points to be remembered

  • In order to get the refund, IT return should be filed as soon as the tax is paid. The sooner the return is filed, the faster refund is processed.
  • Tax deducted is shown in form 16 and 16A however, consolidated TDS is shown in form 26A.
  • In case the one realizes that excess TDS is deducted for a fiscal year, form 13 can be used.