How to Register for Digital Signature Certificate for Income Tax Returns?

Digital Signature Certificate or Digital Signature certifies the holder's identity, issued by a Certifying Authority. Filling Electronic Income tax returns with a Digital Signature does not only streamlines the process of tax returns, but also makes sure that if the individual is eligible for any refunds , the same would be initiated as soon as the required documents are submitted. When you file your returns using Digital Signature, you need not submit any hardcopy.

Digital Signature Certificate contains the following:

  • The holder's name
  • The holder's public key with its expiry date
  • Issuing certified authority's name
  • Assigned serial number of that digital signature
  • Issuer's digital signature

Process to be followed for registering Digital Signature with the Income Tax Department is as follows:

  • Log onto website for registering and using your digital signature for electronic filing of income tax
  • On the right hand side of the home page, you will find options "Register Yourself" and "Login". Choose the appropriate option
  • A first time user would be required to register with the required information
  • Already registered member will just have to login with User Id (PAN Card number) and password as applicable
  • To start the registration, click on "My Account" and Select "Update Digital Certificate"
  • An automatic download would start for 'StoreCertificate', which will be downloaded and saved on your computer's local drive. NOTE: If computer gives you potential danger warning during download session, just click on "Yes/Accept/Continue" as required
  • Click "Upload USB Token". Click on "Select your USB token Certificate" and then click 'browse'.
  • Select the file downloaded and saved in your local drive as "eTPKCS11.dll", and enter the" token password".
  • Click "Sign", your digital signature is now registered.

How to file your tax returns using the Digital Signature?

  • Fill your Income Tax return Form and save it as .xml file on your computer's local drive
  • Login into the income tax website using your credentials and go to your private income tax management dashboard
  • Click "Submit Return" and select the appropriate Assessment Year
  • Select the appropriate form name from the dropdown
  • Click "Yes" when asked, "Do you want to digitally sign the file?"
  • Select the type of Digital Signature you want to use "Sign with .PFX file", or "Sign with USB Token" depending on your Income Tax filing requirement
  • Upload the same using your Digital Signature Certificate and authenticate it