Conveyance Allowance - Meaning and Exemption Limit

The allowance offered by a company to its employees to cover their travel expenses to and from his residence to the workplace is called "conveyance allowance". This allowance is normally offered in addition to the salary of the employee and may or may not be taxable under the Income Tax Act of India.

Is Conveyance Allowance Taxable?

Section 10(14)(ii) Of Income Tax Act and Rule 2BB of Income Tax Rules does provide for exemption of Conveyance Allowance up to Rs 19,200per annum or Rs 1,600 per month from being taken as a part of the Taxable Income .

The taxable limit of the conveyance allowance used to be Rs 800 per month and Rs 9600 per year till April 2015 but the limit was then extended to INR 1600 per month and INR 19,200 per year according to the results Budget 2015 India, with the idea of providing tax benefits to the middle class tax payer.

To claim exemption for the full amount of Rs 1600 per month one need not provide any proof of it having been received from the employer in the capacity of conveyance allowance .

How to Calculate Conveyance Allowance?

The limits instituted for the conveyance allowance exemption are Rs1600 per month and Rs 19,200 per year irrespective of the tax bracket of the individual. But if an individual is being given some special allowance by his employer and if this special allowance is fully taxable then he can substitute Rs 1600 from it as conveyance allowance and claim tax exemption of mentioned amount per month.

But this should be done under the expert guidance of the personal tax advisor lest any legal complications arise. Before April 2015 handicapped people were given a higher limit of Rs1600 per month and Rs 19,200 per year as conveyance allowance but the Budget 2015 made this exemption uniform for all categories of taxpayers.