What is Form 26AS? Form 26AS for Income Tax Return Filing

The form 26AS is a document that holds detailed information about tax deducted by the tax deductors. It has details about TDS, tax collected at source, advance tax details, high value transactions and refunds deducted for the taxpayer, etc. Associated with the PAN, it is an annual statement carrying tax related information about the tax payer. IT gives an indistinct picture of the tax obligations of a taxpayer.

Form contents

Tax deducted on behalf of the tax payers by the deductors.

Tax collection details by tax collectors for the taxpayers.

Self-assessment tax, advance tax, regular assessment tax deposited by the taxpayers or PAN holders.

Refund paid

Annual information report transaction details


The form 26AS is separated into 3 parts A, B and C. let us look at the detailed explanation of 3 sections:

Part A

The form 26AS includes details regarding tax deducted at source. It has complete details of taxed deducted from different sources like salary, pension, interest income, etc. It has details of the deductor which includes the name and TAN details with the amount of tax deducted.

Part B

This contains the details about tax collected at source by the merchant selling goods to the customers. It has all the details regarding customer and collection of taxes.

Part C

It holds information about the direct tax including advance tax, challan details as well as self-assessment tax paid by the tax payer.