Annexure Less/Annexure Free Income Tax Returns in India

It was found that some Income Tax Officers of India were requesting the Tax Payers to add annexure while filing their Income Tax Returns. The Central Board of Direct Taxes therefore issued a clarification together with a set of instructions which say in clear words that Income Tax Returns should be filed without any annexure .These instructions are to be followed by officers on all collection counters. Not only should this, all individuals who file Income Tax Returns should ensure that their returns are annexure less.

The instructions say that no document should be attached to the return form (TCS/TDS certificate, audit reports etc). If these instructions are ignored and if any documents are found attached the officer collecting the form will detach those forms and return them to the assessee.

Section 14 of the Wealth Tax Act of India says that return of net wealth as on the date of valuation should be furnished in the prearranged form and certified in the prearranged manner providing particulars on the net wealth and also some other prearranged particulars mentioned in Section 14. Presently the section requires a few reports and documents to be submitted in addition to the return of net wealth.

Section 139C and section 139D of the Income Tax Act of India have provisions which help a particular strata of their assessee in filing annexure-les return of income electronically. The Finance Act of 2013 has also introduced sections 14A and 14B to help with electronic filing of returns. Some amendments have also been made to enhance the boards rule making powers.