Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike (BBMP) Property Tax Online

Bangalore, India has taken steps to simplify the payment of property tax. It has introduced the system of "online" payment .To make online payment a person has to first make available certain documents like his old and new PID numbers or the base application number, he can then go to BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike) website enter his PID numbers and retrieve the details of the tax amount to be paid and the instructions to be followed to make the payment.

After he/she completes all the instructions a soft copy receipt will be made available immediately. This tax receipt issued by the BBMP, will show all details regarding application number, location where payment was made, the year of assessment, the amount payable, the cess applicable, the total amount payable, any advance payment made etc.

The other facilities also introduced are payment through dedicated banks or Bengaluru 1 centers.

BBMP Property Tax Forms in Bengaluru:

  • Form I:

    When the owner of the property has the PID (Property Identification Number) number with him he uses Form 1.PID is a unique number attached to each property and has information like name of ward, street and plot of the said property.

  • Form II:

    Form II is used when the owner has the Khatha number but not the PID number .A Khatha number is the number of the certificate issued for each property it has all the details regarding that particular property.

  • Form III:

    If the owner of the property has neither the PID number nor the Khatha number he uses Form lll to pay his property tax.

  • Form IV:

    When a property over the years has seen no change in its size or any other status then the tax is paid through Form IV, which is a white coloured form.

  • Form V:

    This blue colored form is used when there has been a change in the property. It is also used when the property, which had the status of under construction now, becomes constructed.

  • Form VI:

    When a property is exempted from paying property tax, it still has to pay a service charge and is paid through this form.