How to get the Duplicate Copy of Provisional Receipt Number?

Once a person's eTDS or eTCS return file is complete, the TIN facilitation centre issues a Provisional Receipt along with a 15-digit number identified as the Provisional Receipt number.

Use of Provisional Receipt Number

The Provisional Receipt number is imperative for numerous reasons in India. The major instances are listed below:

  • Downloading Form 16 and 16A through TRACES.
  • Downloading the consolidated file from TRACES
  • The number is further cited for next quarter's regular TDS return.

Necessity of the copy of Provisional Receipt Number

The Provisional Receipt Number is required for the following reasons:

Preparation of correction Form 24G Statement: while preparation of the Correction Form 24G statement, one necessarily requires the original Provisional Receipt Number and the Provisional Receipt Number from the last Correction Form 24G.

Submission of Correction Form 24G statement: While submitting the correction of form 24G statement through TIN Facilitation Centre, one requires the copy of Provisional Receipt Number. The copy should be sent along.

When to get a Copy of Provisional Receipt Number?

Case 1: If the Form 24G statement is filed through TIN Facilitation Centre, the accounts office makes an appeal to the NSDL to reward the detailed procedure to obtain the copy.

Case 2: If Form 24G is filed online by AO account, then download the Provisional Receipt Number in AO account under the option 'View status' in the form 24G.

Details Submission

In order to avail a copy of Provisional Receipt Number in India, the following details are required to be submitted:

  • Accounts Office Identification Number of the Accounts office
  • Provisional Receipt Number of the statement from the TIN site
  • Month and year of the copy of Provisional Receipt Number
  • Provisional Receipt Number purpose report
  • The letter should have sign and stamp of authorised signatory.

NSDL mails the copy of Provisional Receipt Number on the Email id stated in 24G form statements.

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