What is Form 16A? Form 16A for Income Tax Return Filing

Form 16A is a document that certifies Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) along with Form 16. Where Form 16 applies only to salaried workers, the Form 16A is for TDS from sources of income other than salary. The form is issued when their one deducts TDS from fixed deposits, insurance commission, rent receipts, or any other source of revenue.


  • Name, PAN and TAN of the deductor: The same can be your bank from where you have got your TDS or an insurance company or any other person from where you have been receiving your income.
  • Name and PAN details of the deductee: This is the individual who is enjoying deduction benefits.
  • Date, amount and nature of the payment.
  • Receipt number of TDS payments.

All these details are necessarily required to be mentioned in Form 16A while filing IT Returns. This form is more of like a TDS certificate that holds all amounts in the nature of TDS which are deposited with Income tax department.

How to get Form 16A

The deductor usually issues the document in the present final year reflecting all the revenue earnings and taxes deducted in during the year from other sources rather than the salary. One can download Form 16A online through the Income tax department official website. The form will be available in the PDF as well as fillable format online.

When is Form 16A required?

The form is required when you file your income tax returns with the income tax department for a financial year. Further, it is necessary only if you have an additional income apart from your salary that is eligible for TDS. The banks and financial institutions use the same for verification when one applies for a loan of any kind be it customer loan, housing loan, personal loan, vehicle loan, etc.

How to fill Form 16A

While stuffing up the details in the Form 16A, the following points need to be accompanied:

  1. Add deduction details with PAN and TAN numbers
  2. Enter information about the 4 acknowledgement numbers.
  3. Add code of the nature of payment
  4. Deductee name
  5. PAN number of the deductee
  6. Financial year for TDS
  7. Enter TDS details and total amount