What are ways to Dispute Mistakes on Credit Report?

When you find errors in your credit report, you must dispute them without delay.

How to dispute errors in your credit report?

When you notice discrepancies in your credit report, you must notify any one of the 3 credit reporting bodies in the country, namely, CIBIL, Equifax, or Experian, and ask for a copy of the credit report.

  • Bring the Errors to the Attention of the Credit Reporting Agency, in Writing: Discrepancies that you notice in your credit report should be brought to the notice of the credit agency, without delay. The notification needs to be done with the help of a letter.

    The complainant also needs to fill up an online dispute application form, subsequently. The complainant's name and address must be included in the letter along with each error in the report. The errors need to be supported by proof, namely, facts, information, documents that show how the erroneous information is incomplete or wrong.

    A copy of the credit report should be attached with the letter, after you have circled the information that you are disputing in the report. Then a formal plea should be made to have the erroneous information removed or rectified.

  • Wait for the Response: The agency should be responding to you within a period of 45 days, after they have investigated your dispute by getting in touch with the source and asking them to check the information. If they find that the disputed information is actually wrong, they will convey the finding to the credit reporting body.

    Authorities to whom you had first addressed the letter will contact you to let you know the outcome. Usually, the bureau or agency responds in writing, and if the disputes raised by you are found to be correct, a rectified version of the credit report is sent to you.