DCB (Development Co-operative bank)

DCB (Development Co-operative bank), a scheduled commercial bank regulated by RBI was launched in the country in the 1930s. Professionally managed, the bank has been able to cover 17 states and 2 union territories with its 55 branches all over.

DCB bank savings account interest rates

The bank offers truly attractive interest rates on its savings account. These competitive interest rates are such that you can ensure maximum benefit out of them. For instance, the Shubh-Labh saving account holders earn an interest of 4% per annum on their balance. Let us find out different types of savings accounts the DCB Bank has to offer:

1. DCB Elite Savings account

This is a unique account provided to privileged customers. It has amazing benefits and innovative services. The account holders have the freedom to choose their account numbers, i.e., the last 8 digits of their account number, though it consists of 14 digits.

2. DCB privilege savings account

The DCB savings account gives total flexibility, convenience and absolute returns to the account holders. The customers of this account require at least 5 lakhs in their account balance. This balance can be used in their savings account, mutual funds, fixed deposits or any combination of these availed through DCB Bank.

3. The DCB cashback savings account

As the name suggests, the account holders enjoy cashback on every DCB debit card transaction. They can earn up to Rs 6000 in a financial year.

4. DCB classic savings account

This account again promises a huge list of benefits. It involves the quintessential features of a standard deposit savings account. One requires a minimum balance of Rs 5000 to keep your account active and conveniently conduct the transactions.

5. DCB basic savings bank deposit account

This one is again easy to maintain and requires no balance for minimum balance compliance. It is hassle free from complications and involves all the basic banking facilities and saving account characteristics.

6. DCB family savings account

This account is an ideal choice for a family. It is a comprehensive solution to the family members where minimum2 and maximum 5 can hold the group. There are a number of unique privileges under family savings account and its transactions. The minimum balance requirement can be maintained in either an individual's account or the group of the family account.

7. DCB Shubh Labh Savings account

This is specially maintained for some auspicious occasion of the customer. There are many profits and rewards to customers letting them make the most out of special events. This is a unique account offered to clients that none other do.

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