HDFC Bank Regular Savings Account

The HDFC Regular Savings Account is a regular saving account for people living in India to inculcate the habit of consistent savings. This account is available to an individual or joint accounts of Indian residents, Hindu Undivided families and foreign nationals residing in India. Let us find out what features does this account beget:

  • The minimum balance requirement for this account is Rs 10,000 in metro or urban branches, Rs 5000 in the case of Semi-urban branches, and Rs 2,500 for rural branches.
  • Interest earned on this type of account is 4% p.a.
  • The account holder is offered an international debit card for the convenience of his transactions.

Services available with HDFC Regular Savings Account

  • Different facilities such as sweep in facility, net Banking, Billpay, mobile banking, safe deposit lockers, instaPay, instaAlert, etc. are offered along with HDFC Regular Savings Account.
  • The account is accessible in Over 11000 ATMs and all bank branches in India.
  • The sweep in facility means that the fixed deposit will be automatically dissolved in order to meet the shortage and requirement of funds in a savings account.
  • The bill pay facility lets you pay utility bills online as well as over the phone.
  • The customers are offered a Demat account with minimal annual maintenance charges. There are no accusations in the 1 st year of opening the Demat account.
  • Free cash withdrawals are allowed in ATMs of other banks.

Charges applicable on HDFC Regular Savings Account

  • In the case of account closure, no charges shall apply if the account is closed within 14 days of opening. From 15 days to 12 months, a fee of 500, which is 300 in the case of senior citizens, is imposed.
  • After 12 months of account opening, again no charges will be imposed.
  • The passbook issuance is free of cost.
  • In the case of issuance of duplicate statements through a bank branch, Rs 100 is applicable. A fee of Rs 75 shall apply in the event of the phone and net banking for non-IVR and Rs 50 in the case of IVR and ATM.
  • Rs 75 applicable to the issuance of an additional cheque book.
  • Interest certificate charges are Rs 50
  • Standing instructions cost Rs 25 plus remittance fees for every transaction.
  • The DS certificate, activation of dormant account, are free of cost
  • The debit card annual charges are Rs 150.
  • The replacement of damaged cards will be free, but Rs 200 is applicable in the case of lost card.
  • Add-on debit cards cost you Rs 150 annually and
  • Standing instruction charges are Rs 200.