ICICI Bank Senior Citizens Savings Account

ICICI Bank Senior Citizens Account also called 'Life Plus' is a savings account specially introduced for the individuals above 60 years of age. It offers people of old age to live a worriless life because of phenomenal banking solutions


  • ICICI Bank Senior Citizens Account requires a minimum balance of Rs 5,000 for opening an account.
  • A help desk for subscribers for getting answers to their queries
  • 4% Interest Rate annually.
  • Comes with Smart Shopper Silver Debit Card (free of charge)

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Indian Citizens, NRIs and foreign nationals and Hindu Undivided Family Kartas can apply
  • The applicant must be 60 years old or above at the time of filling the form


  • There is no limit or withdrawal fee set on the transactions from ICICI branch all over India
  • Free SMS and Email statement facility
  • 'Money Multiplier' program wherein the account holders is able to transfer excess money in their savings account to own fixed deposit account for earning additional interest on the amount
  • Multi-city chequebook, internet banking and mobile banking (app available) are available for the customers
  • For the better application and interaction with the users, 'standing instructions facility' is also provided with this Senior Citizens Account.

Fees and Additional charges:

  • Those not maintaining minimum balance in account required have to pay a penalty of Rs. 100 over a certain period
  • The account holder can spend Rs 100,000 daily in India or globally
  • Withdrawal Rs 50,000 daily is possible in country and abroad
  • Additional Chequebook charges stand at Rs 20 per piece
  • All the transactions made from ICICI ATMs and non-ICICI ATMS are free of charge

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