IDBI Savings Account

An inclusive financial solution is provided by IDBI Bank through its savings accounts. Many options are offered to the customers through whom they can manage their savings in a smart way.

Opening a Saving Account in IDBI Bank:

The procedure is very simple. Go to the bank's website, follow the instructions and submit duly filled application form online. Else you can visit the nearby branch to open the account.

Rates of Interest

Base Rate 10 %
Savings Bank Rate 4 %
Current BPLR 14.50 %

IDBI Savings Account Types:

  • Power Kidz Account
  • Being Me Account
  • SuperShakti Account (For women)
  • Pension Savings Account (For central government employees)
  • Suraksha Plus Savings Account
  • Capital Gain Account Scheme
  • Jubilee Plus Account (For senior citizens)
  • Small Account (Relaxed KYC)
  • SuperSavings Account
  • Sabka Basic Savings Account (Complete KYC)

Minimum Balance Required:

SuperShakti Account 5000 Rs.
Power Kidz Account 1500 Rs..
Sabka Basic Savings Account None
Jubilee Plus Account None
Pension Savings Account None
SuperSavings Account 5000 Rs
Small Account None
Suraksha Plus Savings 5000 Rs.
Being Me Account 2500 Rs.
Capital Gain Account Scheme 10,000 Rs.

Key Features and Advantages of having an IDBI Savings Account:

  • You will have a passbook and global debit card.
  • Facility of instant money transfer for paying your tax and bills quickly.
  • Easy deposition of cash, cheques and DDs.
  • You can accrue money by earning more interest comparing to the other options for instant banking.
  • You will save a great deal having gifts and rebates on travelling.

ATM Transaction Charges:

There isn't any charge applied for transaction using an IDBI ATM. Also, the first 5 transactions are free from the ATMs of any other banks. After this, 20 Rs. for withdrawing cash and 8 Rs. for balance checking will be applicable as small charges.