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City Union Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate -

Processing fees 1.25% of the entire loan amount.

Base Rate 11.00% w.e.f. 01-10-2013
EMI per lakh (based on lowest interest rate)

Rs. 2,458
Loan tenure 36 Months (Maximum)

Interest rates 16.50 (Base rate plus 5.50% )

Loan amount Maximum amount: 10 months net salary and subject to maximum of RS.50000

City Union Bank provides personal loans as per the tenures that too at a reasonable rate of interest. This is possible because while deciding the rate of interest for a personal loan the bank keeps in mind all the aspects like repayment capability, income and eligibility. The interest rate charged by the City Union bank is 16.50% on the personal loans. But it can be changed anytime without notification.

Prospects encountered while setting up the personal loan rate of interest
  • Connection with Union bank: The bank will offer you the reasonable rate of interest on the personal loans if you have maintained a good level of relationship. The additional benefits can be experienced if you have generated an everlasting connection.
  • Job posting: This is one of the significant factors that are used to set the personal loan rate of interest. The bank checks whether you are earning on the daily basis or not and your job is permanent. In this case if it is, so, the bank will offer you reasonable rate of interest on the personal loan in comparison to the person who doesn’t have permanent job. The criteria for offering personal loans is different for non-salaried, salaried individuals as well as those who are in A and B categories.
  • Loan tenure: If the loan is availed for the longer duration then it will be provided at the lower rate of interest.
  • Repayment capability: This bank encounters the details of the repayment and judge your capability before it is given to the applicant. In case if you fulfill the needs of the personal loan then the bank may provide you the additional discounts.
  • Age group: Age also plays an important role in determining the rate of interest. If you are retired salaried applicant then you won’t get reasonable interest. It is available for advanced age group and established business applicants.