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State Bank of Travancore Personal Loan Interest Rates -

The State Bank of Travancore, SBT offers personal loans to both individuals as well as corporates at varied rates of interest. The interest rates are determined based on various key factors. These factors work as a benchmark to categorise under what eligibility criteria does the applicant fall in.

The Marginal Cost of Funds based Lending Rates (MCLR) at SBT– For new applicants

Based on the RBI guidelines, the MCLR rule has led to modification of the interest rates at SBT. The benchmark is, however, determined after considering the operating cost ensuring that the interest rates are fairly charged.

MCLR Benchmark Period MCLR Benchmark Rates
Overnight 9.35 %
1-month 9.45 %
3-months 9.55 %
6-months 9.75 %
12-months 9.85 %
2-years 9.95 %
3-years 10 %
Interest rates on Personal Loans (MCLR)

Based on the MCLR benchmark, the following interest rates are applicable in different conditions.

Loan Type

Check-off Facility

Rate of Interest

Demand Loan


MCLR for 1 year + 3.25% = 13.10% p.a.



MCLR for 1 year + 3.50% = 13.35% p.a.

Demand Loan

Not available

MCLR for 1 year + 3.75% = 13.60% p.a.


Not available

MCLR for 1 year+ 4.00% = 13.85% p.a.

SBT Base and the Prime Lending Rates – for existing customers

The base Rate and the Prime Lending Rae at SBT are 9.95% p.a. and 15.15% p.a. respectively.

The SBT personal loan interest rate – Base Rate

For the borrowers who aren’t covered under the MCLR ambit are charged interest on the base rate. SBT charges a certain percentage over the base rate. Numerous factors such as the tenure, loan amount, credentials of the borrower and a lot more are considered while determining the final rate. In various cases, the bank is allowed to change these rates at its sole discretion.

Also note, the interest rates given above can be changed without any prior notice. The applicants are advised to keep a check on the current rates while applying. The SBT holds the rights to alter the rates with its own decision.