PPF Account Calculator

In order to calculate PPF, the PPF calculators take the changes in interest rates as well as the month of the change into consideration. As PPF helps us save taxes as well as get loans against the same, the calculators assist us to find the amount still payable in each of the cases. It is imperative to keep track of all your deductions and the total loan amount permitted.

Type of PPF Calculators

There are a total of 6 different computations based on PPF and its usage. However, these calculations can be done by 7 various kinds of PPF Calculators. Let us learn about each of them:

1. PPF Fixed Monthly Investment Calculator

This is a simple calculator letting you calculate the amount of funds payable on a monthly basis towards PPF. The computation demands the individuals to submit details of the financial year and the month of opening the account and monthly fixed deposits.

2. PPF Fixed Yearly Investment Calculator

Similar to the monthly calculator, this helps you find the amount payable towards PPF on a yearly basis. The interest rates keep deviating which is vital to be considered. The financial year of opening and annual deposits is the essential tools of computation.

3. PPF Variable Yearly Investment Calculator

This requires one to enter basic information like amount deposited in respective financial years.

4. This requires one to enter basic information like amount deposited in respective financial years.

It requires components like basic annual deposits, total income, interest rate each year and the age group of the person. This calculator helps find tax-free income, income tax liability before and after investment, tax savings annually and in 15 years.

5. PPF available Loan Calculator

It computes an approximate amount of loan permitted. It only needs entering balance in the account.

6. PPF available Withdrawal Calculator

The funds before and after extension withdrawable are calculated using this online tool.

7. PPF Maturity Calculator

It calculates the time when PPF will mature for withdrawal.