NSC Calculator

Under the National Saving Certificate Scheme, the NSC Calculator is used to calculate the interest on an individual's investment, when saving. There are few key details required to be filled in the NSC calculator to calculate the interest;

  • Amount of total investment
  • Rate of interest applicable
  • Investment tenure

When you fill in all the details mentioned above, the calculator will generate the total interest rate accumulated. The NSC calculator will provide with all the details of the total accumulated interest generated from the investments made in the National Saving Certificate Scheme.

The interest you pay on an NSC is compounded every six months and is then added to the total accrued amount. Under the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961, Section 80C, the year-end interest collected on National Saving Certificate Scheme meets with the tax exemption requirements and can be invested again.

NSC Maturity Period and Interest Rates

Issues available under National Saving Certificate Scheme

  • NSC VIII Issue
  • NSC IX Issue

Interest Rate and Maturity period applicable to NSC VIII Issue:

  • Interest Rate of 8.50%
  • Five years of Maturity Period

Interest Rate and Maturity period applicable to NSC IX Issue:

  • Interest Rate of 8.80%
  • 10 years of Maturity Period

Let us take an example to understand this more specifically.

If an individual tends to invest Rs 1000 in an NSC VIII Issue for a maturity period of 5 years at 8.50% interest rate. At the end of the schemes term, the individual will receive Rs 1516.2 as the maturity value. Also, the interest rate an individual will earn during the four-year span will be reinvested again in the NSC account.

NSC maturity calculator

One need to put the below given following details in the National Saving Certificate Calculator to find out the maturity value.

  • Applicable interest rate
  • Total NSC amount
  • Years passed after NSC purchase
  • Date when NSC was purchased