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Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is the amount deducted from an individual's monthly salary, which is later added to his/her EPF account by the employer and is termed as the EPF balance. It is also considered as a part of retirement savings and can be checked through various mobile applications or by the below-given method. If you are an employee and member of EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organization), then you can check your Provident Fund (PF) statement to know your balance at the end of a year. You can check the EPF balance online anytime through EPFO portal, SMS, giving missed call, or EPFO app.

Checking EPF balance online

1.Using EPFO Portal

You can access the PF passbook on a different website than the unified portal. However, the unified portal can still be utilized for transactional services such as transfers. If you want to view your PF passbook on EPFO portal, then you must have your account tagged to Universal Account Number (UAN). From the website, you can download and even print the passbook.

Another important aspect of EPF Balance is knowing your UAN number. It is called Universal Account Number which is a 12-digit number allotted by the Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). Check for your salary slip to see if the UAN number is printed on it. The employers will help you with your UAN number and in case it so happens that they are not able to, you can always log in to the UAN portal itself- https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ and a page by the name ‘Know Your Uan’ will appear where you can fill in your primary details like Name, Date of Birth, PAN Card number, Aadhaar number, Mobile number, Email ID and also get done with Captcha. Enter the buttor ‘Get authorization Pin’ for UAN and upon entering the Pin an OTP will be sent to your phone. And that’s about it, your UAN will be sent over to your phone promptly.

Make sure that your UAN has been activated by the employer, only then you can access the passbook. Though UAN is given by EPFO, it must be verified by the employer. The passbook facility is not valid for members of establishments which are exempted under EPF Scheme, 1952. And if you try to log in, under this circumstance, you will receive a message which says that the passbook unavailability given exemption of establishment, and you will be requested to contact your employer. It is very unlikely though that an employer will not have activated the UAN for their employees, so don’t worry. EPF balance amount can add necessary cushion to your financial situation. Be sure to be able to check your EPF balance with ease, whenever you want.

2.Checking EPF Balance Through SMS

The authorities have made things as simple as they can get. You can check your EPF balance by sending an sms! In case you have registered your UAN with EPFO, then you can get information on latest contributions to the account, and the PF balance. Again, having UAN registered with EPFO is vital to go ahead with the process. To get the PF balance, send SMS to 7738299899. Send message EPFOHO UAN ENG. ENG as the first three characters of your preferred language. In case you wish to receive message in Marathi, you can type EPFOHO UAN MAR.

Like-wise the facility is available in Hindi, English, Gujarati, Punjabi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and Malayalam. That way, you are at liberty to choose the language in which you would like to have access to your EPF Balance information. Regional languages have been duly updated so as to reach out to masses in the country. Checking EPF balance may be a concern for the uninitiated but information regarding the same provided by Loanbaba is intended to empower. Also, do seed your UAN to your Aadhar Card, bank account, and PAN. Request the employer to seed these for you if they have not been done already.

3.Checking EPF balance Through a Missed Call

In case you are registered on UAN portal, then you can check EPF balance by giving a missed call on 011-22901406. The balance details will be conveyed to you. Do seed your UAN to your Aadhaar card, bank account and PAN. EPF balance is an important account where funds get accumulated over time and checking is possible simply using a missed call. This is one of the quickest methods as well.

4.Checking EPF balance Through the EPFO App

For the ones who are a little more tech-savvy in their lives can take this route as well. You can download the EPFO’s m-sewa app from the Google Play Store. From the app, click “Member” and click “Balance/passbook”. After this step, provide your UAN and your registered mobile number to get the PF balance details.

The Umang app is quite user-friendly and accessing EPF Balance on the app should be simple for everyone. Downloading the Umang application from Play Store/App Store is like downloading any other app. For ease of downloading, you can directly click on this link - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.gov.umang.negd.g2c&hl=en_IN Umang app is a centralized mobile app from the authorities to provide all details of EPF/EPF balance to individuals.

Government has provided comprehensive methods for individuals to have full access to their EPF balance and related information. Online and through SMS, all mediums have been utilized and people can use any of these as they see fit. Offline methods like missed call service has also been provided for people’s convenience.

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