PF Withdrawal Process

The PF withdrawal form can also be filled thorough the employee's former employer. Also, many organizations request their employee's for a filled PF withdrawal form, accompanied with a blank cheque to process your PF request through the EPF office. However, one can't withdraw his/her PF when they are still employed at the organization unless they tend to switch their job.

The PF withdrawal form (form 19) can be downloaded from the EPFI website or can be requested from the employer. When the application form is submitted to the EPFO regional office, the employee will receive the PF amount along with interest within three months from the date of filing the form.

Ways one can withdraw PF amount

  • Request for PF withdrawal through Universal Account Number: it does not require any approval from your former employer.
  • Request for PF withdrawal directly from the EPFO regional office: it requires the subscriber's information and details and the application needs to be attested from any of these officials;
    • Any gazetted officer
    • Any bank manager
    • Notary public or a Magistrate

EPF Withdrawal without employee signature:

Using Aadhar card

  • There is no need for an attestation from the employer if link your application form with Aadhar card.
  • Your bank account details and Aadhar card must be verified by the employer along with the details from the member portal of EPFO.
  • Make sure that your Universal Account Number is activated from your valid mobile number.
  • Open the EPFO web portal and download the PF withdrawal form (Form 19, Form 31 and Form 10C).
  • When the form is downloaded, write your name as mentioned in your Aadhar card, UAN and the bank details along with your valid mobile number, residential address, PAN card number.
    • Form 19 UAN: for PF withdrawal
    • Form 10C UAN: for withdrawal from the pension benefits
  • When the form is filled completely, recheck it to make sure that every detail you entered is correct.
  • Now, attach a blank cheque for the EPFO office to verify your bank details.
  • Then submit the form along with the blank cheque to the EPFO.
  • Any mistakes or some incorrect information provided on the form may result in cancellation of your request.

Without Aadhar card

  • From the member portal of EPFO, download Form 19, Form 31 and Form 10C.
  • Again, you have to fill in the details along with it you have to get it attested from a gezetted officer or a Magistrate or from the member of EPFO or anyone who is accountable.
  • Fill the form with your correct bank details and make sure that it is provided with a stamp on every page.
  • You must have to provide the reason for the direct application withdrawal to avoid fraud and scams.
  • Attest an Rs100 stamp paper along with the form.
  • Attach the Form 19, your employer ID, copies of your salary slip and your appointment letter.
  • Now, finish it by providing your KYC details and domicile.

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